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I've recently just built my first PC and am running into GPU issues right off the bat. Specs are below. 


With the first post, and trying to get Windows installed, anytime I would exit and restart the BIOS, I would get a code 97 occasionally. I'd reset, then it would post like normal. I am plugged into the GPU at this point.

Fast forward to after Windows is installed. Before updates and drivers, I'm having no issues. I can access the existing NVIDEA control panel that showed up on first boot and adjust resolution, frame rate, etc. However, after applying updates and installing latest drivers, this is when I run into my issues. When I try to boot now, I'll get the same code 97 or it will boot to the login screen, BUT from there will either freeze as I try to enter the password, login but then immediately blue screen, or auto-restart and then boot to the screen that says that Windows encountered an issue. At the same time of those happening, the fans on the GPU will spin up to max rpm. Ultimately, to boot the machine to do anything, I have to switch the monitor to the integrated graphics display port, which allows me to boot with no issues. If the GPU is still in the PCIe slot when rebooting with integrated graphics, the GPU fans will also spin up to full rpm and will continue to run until the system is restarted or powered down. If it's relevant, I also have no issues running on integrated graphics when the GPU is completely removed from the system.


I've uninstalled/reinstalled NVIDEA drivers, re-seated the card into the PCIe slot, and changed the PCIe power cable, all with no luck.


My final test has been swapping the card to the bottom PCIe slot. Doing this caused me to get a code 96. However, after the third attempt of powering back up, it booted normally and the card seemed to start functioning correctly. I was able to access the NVIDEA controller again and even run 3DMark with no issues. However, restarting or shutting down then rebooting, will send me back to code 96, and once again require 3-4 tries or resetting before actually getting anywhere.


So at this point I just don't know if I have a PCIe problem on the motherboard or if I have a bad GPU. Side note, the GPU came from Newegg advertised as new. The box and anti-static were sealed but I noticed that the yellow electrostatic sensitive sticker was already torn in half. Additionally, the protective plastic that normally covers the chrome part of the card was already missing. So I have my thoughts that the card I bought is refurbed or like-new. 


I've wanted to build my own PC for the longest time and am a big enthusiast, however I am new to this and what I've troubleshooted so far is all I really know what to do. I don't have any means of testing the GPU in another system since this is my first build. Any help would be nice, as I need to try to figure out pretty quick whether the GPU or motherboard need to be RMA'ed. This has definitely put a damper on the excitement of my first build.



ROG Strix Z490-E

Intel Core i9-10900K

NVIDEA 2080 Super FE (located in top PCIe slot)

32GB DDR4 3600Hz G.Skill

Corsair M.2 MB510 960GB (Game Storage)

Corsair M.2 MB510 480GB (System/Application Storage)


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