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EATX12V_1 & EATX12V_2 - Do I need to use both? What do I gain if I do?



I recently upgraded my CPU and Motherboard.

I have two 12V connectors on it, EATX12V_1 & EATX12V_2 8 and 4 PIN.

My power supply has only 8 PIN connector. It works fine at the moment.

But should I do both? If I do, what is the difference? Is it worth PSU upgrade? 


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I'm guessing that's the TUF X570-Plus?

You don't need the extra 4-pin, regardless of how much overclocking you plan on doing on your CPU, if you're on ambient cooling (air/water).

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The extra 4 pin is if you plan use some severe overclocking. Assuming you don't overclock it, you only have to use the 8pin.

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