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Need Monitor or TV suggestions for new build

Hello guys and girls,


I just bought all the pieces of my first build:


i9 10900k

RTX 3070
16 GB 3600 trident royal

MSI gaming edge wifi
Nvme 1tb m.2 XPG

Thermaltake 850w grand


I am in need of a monitor(s), currently i have an asus 1080p 27 inches which obviously will be a bottleneck so that i will use as utility monitor.


I was thinking of getting 3 1440p 144hz for surround gaming with decent HDR (not 400) or getting a 4k TV which i dont like the idea of having few monitors cause of productivity.


Right now money is a problem since i overspend with the rtx 3070 but i know i will have to spend quite a few bucks on just monitors.


First question is is that 3070 enough for surround at 11 million pixels? i know i will have to drop quality probably in games.


And which monitors do you guys recommend i ahve seen a lot of suggestions in youtube and forums but either it is too expensive or have a lot of mixed and bad reviews.


Anyone running  a similar setup?






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