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  1. I just saw that msi afterburner has a degrees limit which was set to 83. I did another test unlocking that limit and ramping fan speed to 100% of the GPU, this is the result. 4 degrees less, and 2 frames average more, i guess temperature does affect the score.
  2. First test without changing anything using all stock frequencies. I noticed my clock frequency is higher but everything else is lower compared to your tests, but running at 77 C° Ran all benchmarks in a row and seems i stay a 83 degrees, i wonder why at QHD i get less points, at 4k very little difference and at FHD a big difference. I don't understand why, don't think the temperature is affecting the score and probably the CPU is the one giving me higher results, but why at 1440p (QHD) i get lower. Next post will be
  3. Very Useful information, i will test this and also post my scores with that particular benchmark and stats Have you tried Superposition benchmark? What is the score, temps and frames. But i think it might vary a little cause of my CPU (i9 10900k) don't think it will that much, i have heard that this CPU runs hot. I have a lenovo laptop with 17 4710 HQ and a GTX 860m temps were at 95+ and i undervolted the cpu overclocked the GPU and removed the dust filter, temps dropped to 70+ and only 3-4 frames higher lol. It started crashing because i overclo
  4. Still anyone knows what material is the heatsink made? and if someone has applied LM to this GPU.
  5. I think it is the same benefit cause undervolting is reducing the power in which it works by default if i am correct. If you undervolt way more than needed either it crashes or just don't send video output. You said you reduced the power that way i don't know what was the procedure you took but i guess it is exactly the same.
  6. Nice! i am definitely going to try this before doing the risky procedure of applying liquid metal. Thanks! Still for anyone out there who knows if this GPUs have aluminum heatsinks or nikel plated copper.
  7. This GPU sits at 80+ C° average, i have a corsair 570x crystal series case with the 3 stock front fans as intake, 2 corsairs LL120 as exhaust mounted on a kraken x53 radiator and one on the back of the case as exhaust also corsair LL120. I still haven't had the time for a long session of gameplay to see how the 3070 behaves but i am assuming is going to reach 90+ which i don't feel comfortable with. As soon as i start a game on 1080p ultra settings it goes to 80+ right away. The question is can i use liquid metal ? I am afraid the heatsink is made of aluminum in this pa
  8. I tested the 3070 on a single 4k smart TV runs decently on ultra quality, but wanted to play surround gaming on 3 1440p monitors i know it will be higher res than 4k, prolly would have to drop to medium.
  9. Well that is because i spent quite a few and want to save as much as possible, but i know displays are expensive, the ultra wide monitor looks really nice, and yeah was looking for decent HDR thanks for the suggestion. I still kinda want more monitors for productivity, i could re-use the 1080p i have and maybe get another. 2 1080p and the ultrawide. instead of the 3 1440p, i could save a lot of money that way. I wanted to buy a 500 usd tops at least each month that was my first thought.
  10. Hello, i have a 3070 and a 10900k, i would like to get a triple display setup 1440p for surround gaming and productivity. Would i be able to handle 11 mill pixels? Which displays do you guys recommend? Or possible a 4k setup. Best budget displays or a lil bit higher. I dont want to bottleneck my rig.
  11. Hello guys and girls, I just bought all the pieces of my first build: i9 10900k RTX 3070 16 GB 3600 trident royal MSI gaming edge wifi Nvme 1tb m.2 XPG Thermaltake 850w grand I am in need of a monitor(s), currently i have an asus 1080p 27 inches which obviously will be a bottleneck so that i will use as utility monitor. I was thinking of getting 3 1440p 144hz for surround gaming with decent HDR (not 400) or getting a 4k TV which i dont like the idea of having few monitors cause of productivity. Right now money is a