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MY PC Crashes sometimes(I think) someone please help.

So I have played two games so far(AOE III and Star Wars battlefront). During both the games I played for about 30 minutes and then my screen went black, and all the fans in my case including the gpu fans started to spin really fast and loud. I felt my glass panel and it was kinda warm. I don't think that my graphics card over heated because it was able to run bfv and r6 no problem. Is this the game or my systems problem and how can I fix it. My specs are Ryzen 5 2600, rx580, 16gb tridentz, asus rog strix b450-f with an evo 970 plus. I have a corsair rm850 that is a little under a year old. When my screen goes black and my fans start running really fast I shut my computer down using the power button cause I'm scared something bad might happen. For all that I know if I don't shut it down then my pc will stay in that state forever. Should I shut it down? Is there any fix?
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best guess is that the gpu driver crashed and it failed to restart.

some games absolutely hate the factory overclock on the rx 580, so it might be best to set the core clock on the gpu to 1340mhz

if heat is a worry for you then you can undervolt your gpu by 50mv ontop of it being at 1340mhz

all of this can be done using msi afterburner, although to unlock voltage control you will have to go into msi afterburner settings and under compatability settings you will see an option "unlock voltage control" on the right of that setting there should be a pull down menu mess with that if voltages arent really changing, another setting you should check is called "force constant voltage" having this setting on will keep the gpu's voltage from fluctuating too much.

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Oh i'm sorry I forgot to specify that it is an asus rog rx580. Can I do the same thing in GPU Tweak

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