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  1. its not that bad considering the vram itself should be faster
  2. yeah coil whine isnt generally that loud, but most of it for me at least only happens when my gpu is under heavy load. every now and then i push my rx 580 pretty far and it can pull 277w, and thats a tad bit above the 185w tdp of the 580 so coil whine is inevitable for me
  3. yeah you should be alright since its an 80 plus gold psu, unlike my *cough* *cough* non 80 plus rated 750w
  4. coil whine is completely normal for a gpu, although the higher the power draw the more likely its to have coil whine/the louder its going to be.
  5. 3060 ti is 2080 super performance 3070 is 2080 ti performance there is a 10% performance gap between the 2080 super and 2080 ti personally i dont think the extra money is worth the extra 10% performance
  6. the sapphire rx 400 and 500 series cards should have 2x hdmi and 2x dp
  7. depends on what rx 580 you have. i have a pretty beefy rx 580 myself, which can pull 277w but most rx 580's are incapable of pulling much more than 200 or 220w (thats the max they would pull when overclocked)
  8. ngl its been a very long time since i had a stereo headset, i just cant really live without surround sound
  9. ive always had good luck with razer headsets, without a doubt they make the most comfortable headsets for $100
  10. well ask him this, can an rx 580 run Wolfenstein II at 60 fps high/ultra settings at 1080p?
  11. im curious, how did he get ip banned in the first place lol
  12. its not like his pc is banned, just the ip he uses to connect to said mc server