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  1. So I was playing Star wars battlefront 2 and all of a sudden my screen went black and my gpu fans started to spin really fast. I quickly shut the system down using the button on the case. I ran the game multiple times and the same thing has happened. I don't think that it is overheating because the highest it has gotten to is 79 while playing the game. I have also ran the game on medium, high, and ultra settings. This also happened when I tried to play AOE 3 definitive addition. The one time I was able to play battlefront was when I manually had the fans set to 80 percent. What's wrong with my
  2. Oh i'm sorry I forgot to specify that it is an asus rog rx580. Can I do the same thing in GPU Tweak
  3. So I have played two games so far(AOE III and Star Wars battlefront). During both the games I played for about 30 minutes and then my screen went black, and all the fans in my case including the gpu fans started to spin really fast and loud. I felt my glass panel and it was kinda warm. I don't think that my graphics card over heated because it was able to run bfv and r6 no problem. Is this the game or my systems problem and how can I fix it. My specs are Ryzen 5 2600, rx580, 16gb tridentz, asus rog strix b450-f with an evo 970 plus. I have a corsair rm850 that is a little under a year old. Whe
  4. still doesn’t work even with the original cables. Nothing was wrong with this gpu until i did the clean and shut down option
  5. I don’t have another computer i can put them in. I don’t even have the 570 in anymore just the 580 which used to work fine but now i can’t boot. I can try using the original cables.
  6. no the other computer is too small for the card
  7. So to start off here's my parts list: 1. Asus ROG strix b450-5 motherboard 2. 2x8 tridentz ram 3. amd ryzen 5 2600 4. Asus ROG strix rx580 5. Asus rog strix rx570 6. Corsair rm850 So today i was having some trouble with my gpu. I posted it on the forum. Someone told me to ddu it and i cleaned and shut down. Now with that same gpu in my pc my pc won’t boot. It turns on but there is no signal to the monitor and none of my periphals light up or respond. I really need some help. I have cleaned the cmos or at least i think i have. I’ve taken the battery out and put it back in and done th
  8. i had the power cord out and the psu turned off for both times
  9. It hasn’t worked. I touched the pins with a paper clip for 10 seconds. Didn’t work. I did the same thing but took out the battery for 10 seconds. Didn’t work.
  10. are you sure this will work because i don’t wanna mess anything else up
  11. wdym by reseat it. I’ve changed it’s position to the 2nd pcie slot and it still doesn’t work. How do i clear the cmos