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Acer PE320QK - Ghosting Problems

Dear forum,


I have two of the above mentioned monitors and both have the same problem:

When I let a bright area stay on the screen for too long (maybe about 5 minutes?) (this could be while browsing a website, reading a document or painting in photoshop or whatever), it stays visible for a while after closing the corresponding window.

It's like a ghost of the former content still remains. It eventually fades out, but these monitors where extremely expensive and I am very unhappy about this.


I already got my displays exchanged a while back because of the same issue. It worked fine for 2 weeks or so and then it gradually came back.

I admit, the ghosting of the text is not too clearly visible, but it is much more in real life, the other test with the white image is from before the first round of repair and shows how much more apparent the effect will become over time.


So my question is if anybody experienced something similar? As I said, Acer replaced the displays and I get the same problem again, so... something is very fishy?!

Or is this some LED monitor bs and I have to live with it? I mean, my old TFT monitors did not do that in about 10 years of service and these new ones will become 2 on the 20th of December...


Thanks for your time!





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