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Hi Everyone.


Would just like to know What max memory Speed can the Ryzen 5 3600 Handle with 4 Modules in?

I currently have 2X8GB running at 3600Mhz

Looking at getting another 2X8gb modules

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3600 MHz should still work fine.


Personally, I wouldn't bother getting anything faster than 3866 MHz. RAM speed may help, but there's always going to be a point of diminishing returns, and that money could be spent on something that would help you more.

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Check your motherboard qvl 4x kits can be wierd. But 3800mhz is going to be your cap with a 1:1 ratio  if your lucky.


Most people are sticking with 3600mhz as it much cheaper and the gain are to small for the cost

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Worst case scenario, if your motherboard is not good enough, you may have to go in bios and manually set the frequency to 3200...3400 Mhz, when you have 4 sticks installed. 

It will still work. 


So aim for 3600 Mhz... if you have problems setting it, try increasing timings first and maybe voltage by 0.01v (ex 1.36v)  and if that still doesn't work, just lower the frequency to 3200-3400 mhz.


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