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  1. Hi everyone. Iv posted regarding this a while ago but managed to get some video footage. Please can someone help if they know why Valhalla is doing this. Sometimes runs smooth for hours. Othertimes after 20 mins starts dropping frames badly to almost Unplayable. Tried disabling fullscreen optimization. Playing in OFFLINE MODE. Setting Nvidia to Max performance but still same issue. The audio stutters with the frame drops. 20210302_165420_1_1_1.mp4
  2. To be honest not 100% sure. Also what happens is my Gear is in my inventory, but all the upgrades iv done to it are reset and all the leather and gold it cost to upgrade is back in my inventory. Only the Runes are completely gone.
  3. The reason im trying to play offline is im often getting these massive frame drops. im running a 3070 but im dropping to low 40s on 1080P. Iv read that it could be the fact that Ubisoft could be sending information while gaming that might cause the stutters.
  4. Also tried this. Still no luck.. Its weird how its only the gear and Runes that vanish
  5. Already tried this. No Luck. Deleted it, Played a bit. But still same issue. Tried to Contact Ubisoft and explain, there literal answer was. "Yes You must Have Internet" That doesn't really answer any question
  6. I load a save game while in Online mode. No issues. its where I left off, all my gear is perfect. Then I close the game. Put Ubisoft in Offline mode. Load the exact same file. I'm in the exact same location, But My gear is no longer upgraded, and all the runes that were in my gear have vanished. My quests are still all the same, Only my gear is gone.
  7. Have tried this now. No Luck. It loads the save file. But it strips my gear back to basic level, and all the runes equipped in it vanish.
  8. Hi Everyone. Can someone explain how i can get passed the below issue. Im trying to play Valhalla in offline mode, but when i select offline mode, and try to load my game, all my gear resets to its starting values, and all my Runes are gone. When i put online mode and reload the saves everything is back to normal.
  9. Im On the mission where im helping Oswald and in his Village im dropping frames to low 40s no matter what graphic settings i use. Tried lowest and same frames.
  10. Hi Everyone. Wondering if someone could shed some light. I'm playing AC Valhalla. Have around 25 Hours in the game so far. I'm experiencing Frame drops Randomly. Sits at a stable 60fps and then like in conversation with another NPC it drops to mid 40s. Is it my PC or the game as i figure my specs are more than enough. All settings are at Ultra. IM playing at 1080P and my PC specs are below. Ryzen 5 3600 RTX3070 16GB DDR4 3600MHz Any info will be appreciated.
  11. Morning Everyone. So i started Fallout 76 yesterday for the first time. So far seems like a good game but here's my question. Is anyone else experiencing frames drops when Vsync is On? With vsync locked at 60 i get these stutters that drop to low 50s. When I turn vsync off im running anywhere from 80Fps to 120fps. Running at 1080P Specs below: Ryzen 5 3600 RTX3070 16GB 3600MHZ X470 Motherboard Any help will be appreciate if there's any fix that might help. Running game at Everything Ultra.
  12. How do these videos wor then? not arguing im just trying to understand as everywhere i see they running high settings and still getting bigger diffs Im
  13. Running Kingston Hyper X Predators. XMP is enabled and set to 3600Mhz Games: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. AC Odyssey. RDR2 GodFall Cyberpunk 2077
  14. Hi Everyone. I posted a thread a few days ago and got some info but thought if others could maybe assist. I purchased a Ryzen 5600X at good price but im not seeing the FPS gains as im seeing all over the internet. I had a Ryzen 5 3600. I'm running all games at 60FPS at 1080P. I'm seeing roughly 5FPS gains in games, where as in online videos im seeing upwards of 15FPS. I'm running on a X470 Asrock board and not sure if that could be the issue. If anyone has any knowledge as to why can you please assist? I'm debating whet
  15. So iv turned on Precision Boost and still no big diff.