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  1. Can the GT 710 manage youtube video or iTunes movies?
  2. So anything 2GB VRAM as a minimum? I've seen some 1GB cards wasn't sure if they were viable.
  3. Ok, so I sold my 2080Ti recently as I wasn't using it much, however as I have a CPU with no iGPU I've not been able to use my desktop PC, instead having to rely on my ipad. While this solution worked at first, I found not having access to a desktop PC quite limiting. I'm now looking at getting a super low budget GPU to stick in my PC to enable me to browse the web and other basic tasks, as I'm holding the big bucks to splash on a new build with AM5 and DDR5 memory, which I'm hoping will be later this year or early next year at the most (if they release). I'm quite up to date on the best GPUs o
  4. My friend has a Series S that is connected directly to the router using ethernet and we share Game Pass Ultimate. We've played 2 games together so far one called We Were Here the other Ghost Recon Breakpoint and we can rarely go more than 15 mins without them getting kicked out of our co op session and also disconnecting from the Xbox party. We cannot work out why this is happening we both have the same internet provider and live in the same area.
  5. A couple years ago I was using a 200GB micro SD card to set up a hackintosh so when I came to use the SD card today it was showing up as 2 EFI drives. I've restored this to a single drive to format it using the 'clean' command in diskpart in the command line however the drive is not showing up in Windows. I can go to the disk manager and it will be shown there and it's recognised on my Macbook. I've tried ExFAT and FAT and nothing showing. EDIT: Ok fixed it, hadn't assigned a drive letter (oops) still managed to work under MacOS though... Cant see how to delete a thread.
  6. I probably should have been clearer I want to archive my UHD blu ray disks to my PC so I can access the media from my PC or iPad (remotely)
  7. Hi I'm wondering if someone can help me on this I'm looking to purchase a UHD Blu Ray drive so that I can archive my media and be able to access it on my iPad etc. I thought it would be straightforward but apparently its not due to firmware support or something?
  8. Turns out I made a mistake the WD M.2 I have isn't supported by the motherboard.
  9. So I figured out why the hard drive wasn't working - I've shucked the drives from a WD Elements external drive and the tape I used to cover the 3.3v pin had come off. the hard drives are detected now but still no M2 detected. I’ve never had an M2 before is it meant to be straight when screwed down? mine has a bit of bend at the screw side so isn’t level.
  10. Problem solved fans all spinning now. However new problem only 1 of my 2 WD drives are showing up in the BIOS when yesterday they were both showing up. I’ve tried switching them around on the motherboard and the detected SATA connection port in use changes so that tells me its not the motherboard SATA ports. I’ve also checked if the cables are faulty by using the ones that aren’t detected on the drive that is detected and it still gets detected in the BIOS. I’ve also noticed in BIOS that M2-1 says N/A meaning my SSD is not detected for some reason Here’s how my current BIOS looks.
  11. Please could you clarify and how would I go about resolving this? Thanks
  12. I just built a new PC which I've got to power on but having difficulty getting the case fans working. They aren't spinning and not detected in my BIOS. The motherboard is this https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/B365M Pro4-F/index.asp I'm wondering if the 4 pin case fans have the power and ground connectors the opposite way around to the motherboard connector?
  13. I did that first that's why I ended up here.
  14. Ok so I have both MB connected now on PSU side which in total is 28 pins that is then connected 24 pins into the motherboard? The P8/P4 I have connected up. Now, have I done the SATA connection right? I've connected it up in 'Drive' on the PSU as pictured that then connects to 2 hard drives and also my 3 case fans which then connect to motherboard CHA Fan 1
  15. So the first MB is for motherboard the second MB is for CPU? Confused as to why both are labelled MB. I take it both are necessary?