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New Windows 8.1 Installation on Old Laptop

I want to upgrade my old Toshiba C55-B5200 to an 120GB SSD since my old harddrive on it is dying and is unbearably slow. I have prepared a USB for Windows 8.1 and have Initialized the SSD too, I have changed the boot settings on the laptops BIOS to boot from the USB first but everytime I boot into the USB, I get an error "Reboot and select proper Boot device... etc etc". Does anyone know how to fix this? The laptop already came with Windows 8.1 and I made sure I used the correct 64bit of Windows 8.1. Am I doing something wrong? How can I fix this? Please help.


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Check from BIOS that there isn't any secure boot options turned on. Also, why 8.1? Same key will work with Win10.

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How did you prepare your Windows 8.1 USB flash drive?

Sounds to me you didn't make it bootable.

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