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  1. I recently bought a 144hz monitor so I could play Overwatch at 144fps as I came from a 60hz monitor with really bad screen tearing, despite all low settings and low resource usage my game without an fps runs around 160+ but when I go into teamfights my FPS drop all the way down to 100 and just barely stay at 144fps. I hav everything set to low/off and my rendering scale set at 75% but I still get constant frame drops. My specs are a 7th gen Intel Core i5-7500 @ 3.40ghz, 16GB of DDR3 ram running at 2400mhz, 1050ti, 1tb hdd, 120gb ssd boot drive and a 240gb ssd where overwatch is downloaded on.
  2. yeah ive updated everything, ive had to completely wipe my pc (for other reasons) once ever since it started but that didnt fix anything. So even after the wipe it still has the issue.
  3. it uses a separate card for only wifi but for the ethernet i plug it directly into the motherboard, my motherboard doesnt have a built in NIC
  4. As of long ago my PC disconnects from my wifi/network when I screen share for about 5min on Discord. I use an ethernet cable to directly hook up into my router. My internet shouldnt be the problem because I have gigabit fiber at home with over 900+mbps download and upload. Usually when this happens my ping goes all the way up to 5000 and I drop out of call 30 seconds later and come back in about 30 seconds later. It usually fixes itself when I use my PCs built in NIC instead of using an ethernet cable, is there a fix to this?
  5. ohhh okay, Ill got with Mint Cinnamon then, if need I will try out the other lightweight versions, thanks a lot for the help though. Is there somewhere with a guide to install Mint Cinnamon?
  6. uh I use the desktop program as it somehow runs better than me using the web version on my laptop.
  7. I just looked into Linux Mint, which version should I install on my laptop? I prefer something very lightweight but that still allows me to access everything I need like Discord and what you would usually do inside a browser.
  8. I have upgraded it into an 120GB SSD from an old 500GB hard drive it had, it did improve startup times and programs starting but it is ultimately pinned down by extra services running in the background and extra nonsense.
  9. Hmm I see, can you link me with something on how to install it?
  10. how do I go onto installing Ubuntu on it? Is there an article or something online you can link me with that has a straightforward no nonsense guide on how to get it up and running on my laptop?
  11. Looking for a lightweight and usable OS for my old laptop. I had upgraded it to an SSD not long ago and upgraded it into Windows 10 from windows 8 but it does not seem to like Windows 10 much as it just bogs down on the CPU a lot even when im not doing anything. I am looking for an OS that runs fine on a 5 year old AMD laptop with 4 core 2ghz AMD cpu and with 4gb of RAM. I only plan to use Discord and for light video and media browsing. Is there some kind of OS out there that does not take much tinkering with and I can get it up and running easily?
  12. I followed this article online to install Chrome OS on my laptop, I followed every step correctly and got all the way up to the Loading Brunch Framework screen to boot into Chrome OS. I don't know why but it's boot looping again and again. Is there a way to fix this? I used the grunt_recovery.bin file since my laptop is running AMD. Here is a link to the article stating how to install Chrome OS on a Windows 10 laptop that I used. https://beebom.com/how-install-chrome-os-on-pc/
  13. where can I get a 4-pole, I have a micro center nearby, can I get one from there?
  14. Yes both my Realtek audio and microphone drivers are installed and updated