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Installing TWRP without official binary error on Galaxy S8?

Hey guys, I'm new to rooting and installing custom ROMs, and I got bored of the OneUI Samsung ROM on my Galaxy S8*. Today, I was able to install TWRP successfully from a YouTuber's tutorial (Max Lee if you were wondering). It went fine, and I had to restart back to the OS after installing, but then it wouldn't let me - instead it would show the SAMSUNG logo and on top in red text it would say "official released binaries are allowed to be flashed". I spent a whole entire day looking for the files and stuff, and just before this thread was posted I managed to fix it with Odin and the latest S8 ROM Files. I'm happy I didn't wreck my phone, although I was on the verge of giving up and actually paying someone else to do it for me. I learnt to of course not to give up lol


So now that it's back to normal, and the original Samsung Recovery and OS is installed, (and I'm waiting 7 days for that stupid OEM Unlocking feature in Developer Options), is there any way to install TWRP without the error again? I'm guessing its the case of installing the RMM State Bypass file which I did, but still got the error. Now that I know what files to use, and how to do it, if it does come up again I know how to fix it. But I don't to waste time doing that over again if I want to install a Custom ROM. I was going to install LineageOS 17.1 today but of course I spent the whole day fixing the damn thing.

**If you want some more info on my phone, its a Samsung Galaxy S8 GT950F, XEU Europe Reigon, Now stock fimware installed.

I would love your suggestions, and maybe if possible, some links to point me to the right direction to get this working without the error.

Mubeen :)

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