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  1. Yeah, I've got a multimeter on the way since I went really do much testing, (that's probably all it would be used for until I learn higher level stuff like SMD components and stuff but for now continuity and stuff is just fine. If I'm correct, if I place the any of the leads (let's say black one) on a nearby ground, and place the red lead on the outer pin and makes the beep, that means centre pin is positive since negative and negative are connected? Also don't worry about the wrong post that's fine :)
  2. No there is no plug on the 16.5V supply. I'm thinking of just buying a plug but then I'm worried that I'll be wasting my money if it doesn't work. Maybe if I use something that won't touch the middle pin it could work since I am not having this laptop short out and die on me haha.
  3. Hey @akio123008 thanks for the reply. When I say I want to build a power supply, I don't mean like fully from scratch make one, I just want to make the plug that fits into the laptop. Again these barrel style chargers are just stupid so instead of buying a whole new one, I figured to maybe make my own version of a plug that fits the laptop. Here's a video as an example. This is basically what I want to do: DIY laptop plug make/hack on a budget - YouTube
  4. Hey guys, I've got an old laptop that i just got, and I'm really excited to use it, since I want to do a lot of projects with it for my YouTube channel, but I need a charger for it. Since it's a larger sized barrel style charger as normal Windows laptops are, it's kinda frustrating since I have at least 2 laptops with the same barrel style but different type connector. This laptop I don't have a charger for has a pin inside the jack, which I don't have a large enough connector and power adaptor for. So I got to looking around my basket full of cables I have salvaged from projects/charger
  5. One thing you could do, maybe you already have, is try going into the BIOS and change the boot order. Unplug any other drives, maybe a flash drive or CD drive plugged in so its only your Windows drive, and try boot it. If not, (I did this on Windows 7 when mine couldn't boot) insert a Windows 10 install CD, and when it detects your hard drive see if you could reset the MBR. The MBR is what shows the computer that you have a partition you could boot off from, and acts as a boot manager to load Windows. Therefore, if your MBR is damaged, Windows cannot boot. The instructions are
  6. Thanks for the reply :) The laptop I have is brand new, but it is known for the fan to be loud which I actually don't mind. Before this, I used a Samsung RV511 which came out in 2011 for everything, so I needed to get a new laptop. Anything which is better than that old laptop would've been the world improved for me lol. But anyways since this laptop is so much more powerful than that old laptop I couldn't complain for fan noise which I've honestly gotten used to by now from the Samsung laptop. But yeah I'll try raise the laptop, although I mostly use it on my lap, which covers the intake vent
  7. Hey guys, my laptop is great, but during tasks like Video Editing, my laptop of course gets very hot. Since the intake fans are on the bottom, placing it on any surface kinda goes against that function, hence its really a design flaw. Anyways, I figured I would look for some coolers for my laptop, but all the ones I saw were that that great, I mean they had cool lights and stuff but I wasn't satisfied that a 5V power input from USB for 3+ fans with LEDs would be anywhere powerful enough to cool my laptop down. So, are there any laptop coolers which are way more powerful, and good
  8. Yeah makes sense... I tried installing it in VirtualBox or VMWare looooong time ago on this PC, and it worked, but not properly.. So I guess it wouldn't work
  9. Hey guys, I wanted to know, does the Asus M2N-MX SE Plus Motherboard support Hackintoshing? And if it does, would someone be able to point me in the right direction on how to get it working? Thanks, Mubeen
  10. Hey guys, I'm new to rooting and installing custom ROMs, and I got bored of the OneUI Samsung ROM on my Galaxy S8*. Today, I was able to install TWRP successfully from a YouTuber's tutorial (Max Lee if you were wondering). It went fine, and I had to restart back to the OS after installing, but then it wouldn't let me - instead it would show the SAMSUNG logo and on top in red text it would say "official released binaries are allowed to be flashed". I spent a whole entire day looking for the files and stuff, and just before this thread was posted I managed to fix it with Odin and the latest S8 R
  11. I would say try using a tool to reflash the operating system, but that would of course mean losing everything. As kelvinhall05 said, try a data recovery centre (I know I just repeated what he said...) or, this probably wont work at all, but if you could try get your phone in recovery mode then try connect it to your computer, maybe it could show up? Or if your recovery mode allows, try seeing if you could connect a USB drive using an OTG adapter, and moving files to it that way? I have no idea. (If my reply didn't help, I'm sorry)
  12. Okay, so I just installed a Realtek Audio Driver and it works! I didnt need to update, I guess AC'97 doesn't work as great. Thanks everyone
  13. This install of XP is SP3, I tried installing Realtek Audio AC'97 driver but uninstalled it after I saw it didn't work, but I'm gonna install it again and now try update it. I'll update the thread in case anything happens
  14. Hi, I've installed Windows XP an hour ago on my PC, why? I just wanna mess around with it again just for fun. I installed my Nvidia display drivers and everything is good, but my audio isn't working. I looked a lot for drivers but I can't get it working. The way I get audio on my PC is by the headphone jack to my TV since it has a built in PC Audio jack, and it works fine. On XP though in Device Manager I just get "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus" and "Unknown Device" which I've tried updating with no avail. Would anyone be able to help me out here? Thanks a lot - Mubeen
  15. Hi everyone, didn't expect so many replies lol. After reading the first comment I got after posting, I decided to put the PSU back together and it still works for now. I'm a little worried for myself since it's on the verge of blowing up, but I'm going to try and get it replaced with a proper branded PSU ASAP. It's probably generic by the looks of it and it's super old since it came from a PC with those brands like eMachines which rebrand proper branded computers and sell them. As far as everyone would ask, I do love tech, and I love taking apart and trying to fix things. It's just