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CPU Bent Pins, Now only half working

So I bought a Ryzen 3 2200g unknowingly having 2 bent pins from an individual.


After watching some videos and reading some stories I decided to bend the pins back in place using a razor blade very gently through the rows then installed it into the AM4 socket, which it fit nicely.


After installing it into a motherboard (that I also bought 2nd hand which could still be the culprit here?)


It posts and was able to get into BIOS, it reads the CPU, RAM, SSD to my surprise of it all.


I was even able to nearly complete a fresh installation of Windows 10 through USB stick.


HOWEVER, it will randomly just power off with all the fans stop spinning but the LED power light on case will stay on. I am not able to hold down power button. I have to flip the power supply switch off and on and then I can power the PC back on. It will keep turning it self off in the same fashion out of nowhere when I repeat.


So I guess the CPU is just toasted?

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Which motherboard and bios version?

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