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  1. I've never seen this before either. I thought it was the bios so I updated from F51 to F52 and no dice.
  2. Monitoring with both HWiNFO and ryzen master, temps are not overheating at all. If anything they are too cool since the core clock isn't running up except on multi-core core
  3. Single core frequency is hanging around 1.5 GHz to 2.5 GHz during load Cinebench R20. Hardware: Ryzen 3 3200G Gigabyte A320-S2H (latest BIOS) 8GB DDR4 3200mhz GTX 960 Fresh install Windows 10 2004 After a fresh install of windows 10 pro 2004, I installed chipset drivers, ryzen master and Cinebench R20 to benchmark test it. My multi-core frequency is perfectly fine boosting all cores @ 3.8 GHz and maintains it during multi CPU bench. My single-core frequency is faulty as it barely rises above idle downclock. It stays around 1.5 GHz-2.
  4. So I bought a Ryzen 3 2200g unknowingly having 2 bent pins from an individual. After watching some videos and reading some stories I decided to bend the pins back in place using a razor blade very gently through the rows then installed it into the AM4 socket, which it fit nicely. After installing it into a motherboard (that I also bought 2nd hand which could still be the culprit here?) It posts and was able to get into BIOS, it reads the CPU, RAM, SSD to my surprise of it all. I was even able to nearly complete a fresh installation of Windows 10
  5. No OC, just PBO. The voltages are pretty high stock, but I am not confident enough to alter core voltage because I've never done it before and also, I have read mixed bag of things about people lowering them to 1.2 static and it started to kill their cpu over time like they werent able to boost as high after a few months.
  6. I thought I would see at least under 70C with a 240mm AIO personally.
  7. Just trying to get a decent gauge on what is normal for a 240 AIO.. Running cinebench R20, I get 72C max with this new AIO installed. This is about the same as a beefy fuma 2 air cooler I had replaced it with. I was expecting a little bit better since its a 240 AIO. is this normal?
  8. Hey man, just wanted to let you know I just installed an older version of W10 and it took longer but it did in fact install. Version 1703 (os build 15063.138) to be exact. You can try that or w10 1903 might even work too but I am too scared to chance it so I am leaving 1703 on. There is absolutely no reason why w10 2004 cannot be installed but here we are, I am proof of it. I am using hardware that is newer than Windows 10 it self but cannot install the latest version. wtf.
  9. I am using a Asus Z270-P and i3-7100... And yes I am trying to put a newer version of windows 10 on. 2004. Are you saying you had this same issue but when you installed with windows 8.1 it installed just fine?
  10. trying it now with windows media creation tool, I'll report back in 20 minutes or so (whenever its finished downloading)
  11. I created it using Rufus with the same drive I have done other successful installations with before. Also I am about to edit original post, because I also tried a brand new SSD, which also did not work.
  12. PROBLEM: When trying to do a clean fresh install of windows 10 on a new partition, I am able to get to "Getting files ready for installation " and as soon as it hits 70% it will abruptly go back to "Install now" screen as if I am starting over again. No error or warning sign. NOT HANGING, Just goes back out of nowhere. When I try to re-do it, it will do it again at 70%. I also cannot format nor delete the partition it already started on until I force reboot and retry the process all over again. **STUFF I'VE TRIED:** * Multiple USB ports * Multiple flash drives * diff
  13. I opened up my new 3700X from micro center a few days ago. Got the PC up and running and just realized there are Scuff marks on the inside of the fan well. Every thing is running just fine. But this is odd for a brand new fan that was carefully taken out of the packaging and installed has marks. I tried wiping it with a q-tip and alcohol thinking it was something that could come off but that wasn't the case. Has any one seen this before? It's new from microcenter, so I don't think it was used unless someone returned it aft