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Upscaling low quality LTT videos.

Hello everyone, today I will be showing you a cool new trick to upscale video, I've used old LTT videos as an example, and they look much better than the original. In the first image I attached, you can see that the video I am converting is in 720 HD. Ouch (especially since it was streamed in 2019). but a perfect video resolution for today's showcase. as you can only make a difference when upscaling videos that are just regular HD to full HD, or 4k.


One ltt video that was streamed in 2019! it's only 720p though, so we will convert it.

Now it's time to use a tool called Topaz Video Enhance AI. it's a tool that allows you to AI upscale videos. (Note: Requires high power computer, and it's also slow, even on my RTX 2080 upscaling the video I'm going to use to 4k would take 28 Hours!

you can get it here: https://topazlabs.com/video-enhance-ai/

It has a 30 day free trial, but then you need to pay $200 for a full key if you want to continue using it.

Anyway, once you have fired it up, click in the blue outline to select your video.


For best results, I recommend using the Gaia-HQ setting for any HD videos.



anyway, select the preset to 4k UHD and hit the camera icon at the top with a little eye on it, this will allow you to preview the next 30 frames of a video and compare them for the best setup.


The video is 30fps (double ouch) so I have about a second of video to compare.


The difference between the original and the upscaled video are quite apparent, and astronomically better, (surprised me).


original is on the left, upscaled is on the right.


Edit: Another comparison, you can see the difference in the detail especially when you look at his hair. (Also the ETA is matching my calculations, which were made earlier before the ETA



so, is this going to make every video look perfect? no. Is it going to make things look better? yes.


edit: I calculated the exact time it would take to convert this video on my hardware and it would take a little over a day, not counting other apps I would be using.




The upscaler does not do as well with videos that are lower quality than 720p. It can have a slight improvement on videos that are 480p, but 360p and below will not yield good results.


Hope you enjoyed!


p.s. Make sure that you have the latest graphics drivers for your hardware before converting video. I have also decided to convert the video and will leave a download link when the conversion completes.


Update: I have converted the video successfully, although you can easily notice some artifacts, especially on Linus' face. Here is the video https://mega.nz/file/INBUXADY#JeJh3dPSowNYDy-XofwtQ14M0_J9ZHYy-vZwacX-vQU



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G @LinusTech, why spend 100k on 8k Red Cameras when you can just press "ENHANCE"?



On Topic: Actually is notably better, nice. 

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16 minutes ago, FloRolf said:

G @LinusTech, why spend 100k on 8k Red Cameras when you can just press "ENHANCE"?



On Topic: Actually is notably better, nice. 

Thanks, also the reason why they prob spend a bunch on 8k cameras is that it takes 2 days to upscale the video I showed in 4k, 8k is even longer. I have high powered specs too, a rtx 2080 an intel core i9 9900k overclocked to 4.5ghz, and powerful storage. Also, regular 8k video does look better.


Not sure it's worth it to spend 100k though for quality that most people can't even use. Especially since they have so many computers that they could use to enhance the quality that are much more powerful than mine!

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10 hours ago, LinusTech said:

V interesting...

Oh, didn't think I'd get a response from Linus. But thanks for viewing the page. Also, I will be posting the Upscaled video later when it finishes.


This thing's been running overnight and there's only 8 hours remaining! (out of 28 hours). Although I think it will vary. 1072880483_VideoEnhanceAIV1.2.25_25_20208_10_03AM.thumb.png.7bad3a9766dd82962a58dfcbffac1987.png

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