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USB-C Webcam not detected over Thunderbolt 3 port


In early days of trying to troubleshoot, but not sure so much what to try.


  • Have an Asrock X570 ITX TB3 motherboard, which has a thunderbolt port on the back. 
  • Initially tried plugging in a Logitech Streamcam (USB-C) to that TB3 port. It did not show up.
  • Camera worked just fine if I plugged it into the USB-C port on the front panel. 
  • Last week I had a teleconference and just plugged the camera into the TB port on the back and restarted the computer. Didn't expect it to work, but it did.
  • Have restarted at some point this week and now the camera is simply not showing up again. I have restarted a few more times, reoriented the plug, reinstalled chipset drivers, installed Logitech's capture software. No dice.
  • I have at the moment no other Thunderbolt devices (backorder due to Covid), but my SanDisk Extreme SSD USB-C drive works fine over the Thunderbolt port so the port is not dead. Likewise the camera works fine in the front panel USB-C port (but has worked in the thunderbolt port in the past), just that port is poorly located relative to the camera.

Any ideas?



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