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    Intel 4930k
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    Asus X79 Deluxe
  • RAM
    G Skill Ripjaws Z 64GB 2400Mhz
  • GPU
    2x EVGA GTX 780ti Superclocked
  • Case
    Thermaltake Level 10 GT
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    2x SanDisk Extreme IIs in RAID 0, 4x Seagate Barracuda 3TB in RAID 10
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    Seasonic X1250
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    6 of em.
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    Noctua NH-U14S
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    2x Das Keyboard 4 Professional
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    SteelSeries Sensei Wireless
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    Sennheiser RS 220, Harman Kardon NC, Logitech Z906
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    Windows 8.1`

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  1. You can, just put some items in your cart and checkout. You will get the total value before you pay. Won’t be cheap.
  2. Flash has been effectively dead on the web for a decade or so. Anybody who hasn't updated their systems from Flash has had 8-10 years to do so so you should probably stop using their service. If you must use Flash content you will need to keep an older browser on hand.
  3. Well Gigabyte does make compactish 3090s... This looks like an abomination, love it.
  4. Not surprised, was planning for it since before release. When 2080Ti was released it was probably 5 months before it was reliably available.
  5. I’ve not programmed in a long time, so I’ve been delving into a few new areas and brushing up on old ones. I really want to master F#. Starting writing a GUI framework for it the other day and it’s looking super promising, though still need some real world app ideas to really delve into the pure functional stuff. Since Crash 4 isn’t coming to PC I’m probably going to develop my own corridor-style platformer. I might even do it in F#. Upgrade monitor setup to Eizo EV2730Q and some for of super ultra wide.
  6. Lot of ambidextrous mice will have buttons on both sides. I used a SteelSeries Sensei for a while and it’s great for left handed use.
  7. I have the Sliger SM570 which is the same basic case, but without the triple slot support and with 120mm fans instead of 140mm. Is insane what you can get in there, I have: 3950X 64GB RAM 2x 2TB SSDs (1Nvme, 1 sata, cloned every 3 days, with an external ssd dock for expandable storage). 750W PSU Thunderbolt expansion No permanent graphics card yet, but as soon as the 3090 becomes widely available, I’m gonna cram that Gigabyte Turbo design in there (if anyone knows a gigabyte rep that will let me borrow one) I’ve got a golden CPU too, and I’d almost b
  8. I think you need to understand that Hz = FPS. If you want to run at 120Hz, you need to run the game at 120fps. You can't run it at 60fps on a 120Hz monitor without frames repeating. 4K 120 hertz with ray tracing on is unlikely to happen until the 4000 series, or maybe a few specific examples in the 3000 series.
  9. Samsung. Premature failure rate of products has been insane - smartphones, dumbphones, TVs, optical drives, hard drives, microwaves, air conditioners etc... So far I have had luck with their SSDs, but they’re still all well within warranty period. Asus. Their enterprise support was so bad, and ruined an enormous project, that a hurricane hitting and wiping out my business was a Godsend because it meant I had an excuse (and an insurance payout) Google. Obviously I have an account but I’m pretty reticent on using it, except for YouTube. Facebook for similar reasons.
  10. Intel Pentium 3 667Mhz 2GB Hard drive (later upgraded to 40). 256MB of RAM. Windows 98, Me and eventually XP. I used this until 2008.
  11. That's good for you, but an Apple watch has to be super convincing for me to ditch a family heirloom. And I'm not sure it's there yet, but I'll get one to try for a week or two. I am 100% sure I'll break one within a few months though.
  12. The Apple Watch feels extremely light and flimsy in comparison though and is nowhere near as good to look at (last time I used an Apple Watch, it was unusable as a watch because the screen was always off unless you raised it in the right way).
  13. Advertising revenue was wayyyy down during the peak of the pandemic. And video production is another industry that’s still largely shut down, so if they had money spent on shoots that never ended up happening or staff can’t congregate etc. There’s a lot of ways a large YouTube channel that employs multiple people could be significantly effected.
  14. I don't use an Apple Watch, considered it a few times but I have a Rolex and it's really hard to downgrade, but I do see the use of a smartwatch. I'd expect my replacement cycle to be probably annual (realistically I'll have to replace it immediately because I'll go scuba diving and forget I'm wearing it) given how cheap it is and how hard I am on devices. I get a year out of a phone (though I hate switching phone models, I had 3 years of iPhone 7 before I got the XS Max) and I'm getting *terrible* reliability out of my iPad Pro 11". I bought it in August last year and it is barely usable