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LL120 fan lighting doesn't work after Windows boot

I'm running 6 Corsair LL120 fans inside of a Corsair 011 Dynamic case. All six fans are connected to a single Corsair RGB hub which is connected to Channel 1 on a 2 channel Corsair RGB controller. The fans run lighting in a random pattern during startup, and then the LEDs shut off once Windows is fully started. The only way they will stay lit is if I open and run iCue in the background and manually select a lighting profile. It's confusing, because I also have Dominator RAM which runs its default lighting profile from power-up without a problem. I understand that LEDs can act strangely during startup (my headphones, keyboard, and MoBo LEDs all light up different colors until Windows boots fully), but not defaulting to a profile afterwards is frustrating.


For reference my setup is:

OS:               Win 10 Pro

MoBo:           Gigabyte Aorus X570 Wifi Elite;                                          RGB = RGB Fusion 2.0

CPU:             Ryzen 3900x

GPU:            Gigabyte Aorus 2080 Super 3x OC;                                     RGB = RBG Fusion 2.0

RAM:            4x8GB Dominator DDR4 3600 (XMP);                                 RGB = iCue

HD:               1TB Samsung EVO NVME SSD, 2TB Inland NVME SSD, 

                     2TB Barracuda 7200 HDD 

Other LED:   1x Addressed LED Strips (MoBo RBG1 Header);                 RGB = RGB Fusion 2.0 

CPU Cooler: NZXT X63 360MM AIO (w/3 LL120s) (CPU OPT Header);  RGB = NZXT CAM

LED Fans:     6x Corsair LL120 -> 1 six port Corsair RGB Hub

                     (SATA Power) -> Ch 1 of 2 on Corsair RGB Controller (SATA Power); 

                      3x CPU FAN header/3x Sys Fan 1 Header;                         RGB = iCue

Other Fans:   3x Noctua Redux 120 -> Sys Fan 2 header  

Keyboard:      SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL;                                                      RGB = SteelSeries Engine

Headphones: SteelSeries Arctic 5;                                                             RGB = SteelSeries Engine


SteelSeries Engine, RGB Fusion 2.0, and NZXT CAM, and my Corsair RAM all go to the settings I programmed. iCue is sincerely frustrating me with these LL120s. Any help troubleshooting or with the settings on iCue would be greatly appreciated.

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42 minutes ago, BlueScope819 said:

I think you need to have iCue open in the background anyway, at least as a background process.

I think so, too. For whatever reason it doesn't load on startup, even though I tried to add it using every way I knew how. That said, it even drops the lighting effects with iCue open if I switch between the interfaces for the fans to the RAM. The overly simple solution is opening it manually and selecting the effects every time I boot - it's just a PITA. 

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