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Laptop Throttling


I hope you guys can help me.


I have an Acer E5- 576G laptop with an i5-8250u 1.6 Ghz- 1.8 Ghz with boost turbo to 3.4Ghz, Nvidia MX150, 16Gb Ram.  2TB HDD. Latest bios version 1.49 from acer's website.


I noticed that even when my charger is connected, the battery still discharges, the processor throttles to just 0.40 Ghz whenever I open games, while my charger is connected but then it goes back up again to max 3.30Ghz whenever I exit the game or when I remove the charger. The throttling happens when the battery level goes down to about 30 - 35% even when plugged in (after I remove the charger, the speed goes back up again). I noticed it while I was playing Insurgency, I was playing smoothly, then suddenly the fps drops to around 10-15 fps. I thought it was just thermal throttling but I opened up the laptop, re-pasted and changed thermal pads, removed some dust. I also tried undervolting the CPU with throttlestop -0.89.1, limited turbo from max 34 to 30, 29, 28, and 27.The battery still drains, although not as fast as before but the CPU still throttles to 0.40 Ghz once the battery  drains to 30 - 35% charge.


I've contacted Acer support and all they said was to not let the battery below 50%.  🙃


I was thinking if a better charger will prevent this. The stock power adapter has an output of 19V, 3.42A, 65W. With my limited knowledge about current, voltages, etc., all I know (from google) is that I will need to buy one similarly that is also 19V or higher, also 65W, but has a higher amp than 3.42A and has  90W instead of 65W, however, i'm not so sure of this Do you think this will solve the problem?


Any help leading me to a solution would greatly help. Thanks!




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