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Where can I buy hardware in bulk?


I want to sell gaming computers, but I have no idea where people get all the stuff from.


Do I contact for example ASUS or a different company?

I'm not talking about 100 graphic cards but like 5-10 maybe more.

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You can try to get a deal with retailers (who do buy in bulk of 40-100) or try to find out what the (local?) Suppliers are.

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In N.Am some of online merchants have discount programs for smaller vendors and/or businesses.

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We in Austria have a Shop called e-tec.at there I get discounts everytime I ask if they can still do anything with the price.

But they only have very little margins on expensive PC components like CPU MB and alike.


You can get a better price cut on cheap things like USB sticks.

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There isn't much money to be made buying pc parts to sell on as a system. Also how do you plan on offering a warranty and after sales support when things go wrong ? There is also no way you can beat a retail pc store on price either, as they will be buying in bulk from wholesalers/distributors or direct from the manufacturer etc. 

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