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    anything PC related
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    higher technical college


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    8700K @ 5.1 Ghz
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    ASRock Z370 Professional Gaming i7
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    32GB TridentZ 3200Mhz
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    1070zi zotac mini
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    bequiet Dark base 700
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    1TB 970 Evo | 500GB 960 Evo | 2 x Seagate 4TB
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    bequiet 650Watt
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    3 x BenQ which are not even "good"
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    bequiet 360 all in one (that thing is horrible)
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    Razer Black Widow
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    Yamah XGU16
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    Win10 ore some sort of Linux Distro

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  1. @ALLSTAR1JAC2899Did you find a thunderbolt keystone module?
  2. I can't say anything about signal quality, I do not know if HDMI will work after soldering it to an breakout board. Which resolution and refreshrate are you planning to use? If I am interpreting it right, you want to power your monitor over the USB C Cable, which does not make a lot of sense, because your Laptop probably can't deliver that kind of power. (At least I never heard about a Laptop which can output Power with PD) EDIT (I just read somewhere that some/most Laptops can use their PD port to charge other things with PD): powering your Monitor with your Laptop would n
  3. There are also cables which directly convert to USB, if your PC doesn't has a RS232 Port: https://www.amazon.de/Cisco-Console-Cable-USB-RJ45/dp/B01N1625DE But I never used such a cable.
  4. If you open the PSU (what I cannot recommend if you do not have any electrical background) do NOT touch any exposed metals. do NOT touch the underside of the PCB, the caps can still be charged with mains voltage and touching that can be lethal!
  5. Is there a way to tell the Folding@Home Client to pause folding when it gets an external Signal? I only want folding to run if our photovoltaic system is running. (I get this information with an PLC).
  6. A few days ago I installed Blender 2.8.1 and it worked perfectly for ~5 minutes then it crashed with (The crash is always the same): Since then when I start Blender that Error pops up. After reinstalling the driver it worked again, until it crashed again. Reinstalling the driver did not work that time. (reinstall, restart, ..) Today blender worked again out of nowhere, and it worked for about 8 hours (rendering an image is not a Problem) (After blender started to work again I installed 2 extra GTX 970 for better rendering performance) I have no idea what t
  7. According to that post here in the ltt forum https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/824111-max-power-a-pci-e-8-pin-can-deliver-from-the-psu/ the 8 Pin can handle about 325 Watts (molex specification) (~9A per wire , I thought I saw that 8 Pin connector with 13A limit on an Molex Datasheet but can't find that atm) If you go with the ATX specification its just 150W (~4,2A per wire) Some not interesting rambling: Are the contacts in the connector corroded or look different than other contacts?
  8. Some rambling thoughts about that topis: Was your card Watercooled?
  9. Which brand was that cable? Aren't those cables usually completely "overkill" (not overkill but with a lot of headroom) aslong as you do not overclock with liquid nitrogen? I've just skipped through the video of der8auer to mark the important timestamps, but I saw it a few month ago and it suggests that the cable should not be the problem, maybe the connector wos corroded beforehand? He made the video with an 2080ti Strix with two 8 Pin Connectors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRVSGFjKf4E 1:02 Quick look at the pcie cables/connectors 9:48 Ca
  10. Both X470 AsrockRack Motherboards can use their x16 as 4x4 Bifurcation Slots (user manual, second page not counting the index pages user manual | also states that on the page under specifications) X470D4U2-2T (With double 10Gbit Lan) X470D4U Asrock also has a compatibility list for its quad m2 card, but that list is missing a lot of Asrock Motherboards (already saw X470 and X570 boards working with 4x4). I was in contact with their support in November and they couldn't give another list with ALL compatible Motherboards You can run a dedica
  11. Its magic DDR3/4 ram, can be used as both. When powered it also has RGB magic smoke effects. Looking forward to what these Stick really are!
  12. Z370 Asrock Pro gaming i7 8700K @5.1 32GB Trident Z 3600 Atm I have an EK Hardtube kit in my system and I want to upgrade my CPU Block to an Monoblock for aesthetics. I only found one from Bitspower. They state on their website that that one is compatible, has someone already tried this? I would prefer a monoblock from EK but I couldn't find one. Can anyone suggest a other monoblock fro that motherboard?
  13. Yep, because everytime I see someone ask wheter he should use CAT5e or something better (Or when I see people who say that you should use CAT6A if you can afford it) I think that Cat6a or even Cat 7 is cheaper then CAT5e. Now my Question is, is that phenomen of the better cable being nearly the same price or even cheaper only in Europe or anywhere else too? And I do not see 100m of installation cable as bulk because you actually need a lot more for networking for a whole home if you want at least two ports in several rooms
  14. After reading the Post Home Networking i've asked myself what the pricing for different CAT cables is in your place? (I am talking about installation cables) Prices are for 100m of cable and without Tax (We have 20%) Cat 5e 27.52€ 30.19 USD Cat 6 27.15€ 29.78 USD Cat 6a 26.00€ 28.52 USD Cat7 27.50€ 30.17 USD Cat7a 1200Mhz 40.00€ 43.88 USD Cat7a 1500Mhz 44.86€ 49.81 USD