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Future build to aspire to.


Hey all!


Planning a new build for later next year (towards the end of 2019).

I've jumped from jank to jank with my personal pc builds doing what ever to make it work up until now, now I'm saving some money to do this thang right.


budget: 2000$-2500$ (don't need peripherals)


Criteria: 1st performance. 2nd noise.

I don't really care about aesthetics (most components nowadays look great as is), I definitely prefer performance over looks.

I'm not partial to intel or amd.

I like the idea of water cooling, but have never done it myself and I'm not liking the idea of maintenance.

I would like a quieter pc, but not so much as to compromise on performance.

I do have a gigabyte gtx 1070 ti that I bought at an awful time (thanks bitcoin and impulsivity) so I was hoping to keep using it and get my moneys worth out of it (So maybe an Sli config??)


My usage is split 75/25  gaming/working (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro.)

If y'all wanna make a build in PCPP, great. If you wanna just point me in the right direction to make my own that's cool too.



Thanks in advance for your time as well as any and all advice!

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new hardware will be out by then probably. So there's not really much to aspire to until you know what it is.


I'd argue against SLI. It doesn't scale with every game and adds other issues. 

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Just look what's available by then

Probably 3rd Gen ryzen, new Radeon gpu's, more Nvidia stuff... Nobody can tell



- Ryzen Build -

R5 3600 | MSI X470 Gaming Plus MAX | 16GB CL16 3200MHz Corsair LPX | Dark Rock 4

MSI 2060 Super Gaming X

1TB Intel 660p | 250GB Kingston A2000 | 1TB Seagate Barracuda | 2TB WD Blue

be quiet! Silent Base 601 | be quiet! Straight Power 550W CM

2x Dell UP2516D


- First System (Retired) -

Intel Xeon 1231v3 | 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport Dual Channel | Gigabyte H97 D3H | Gigabyte GTX 970 Gaming G1 | 525 GB Crucial MX 300 | 1 TB + 2 TB Seagate HDD
be quiet! 500W Straight Power E10 CM | be quiet! Silent Base 800 with stock fans | be quiet! Dark Rock Advanced C1 | 2x Dell UP2516D

Reviews: be quiet! Silent Base 800 | MSI GTX 950 OC


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AMD CPU will be a must if the rumours hold up and they keep their core counts high (But who knows, Intel may get more price competitive next year). HEDT platform with lots of memory would really benefit your work and not affect gaming but given the budget why not.


If you really want silence then look at some twin stack tower coolers. They'll off very good cooling performance at lower noise levels. An AIO is an option if you don't like maintenance but from experience they're kinda loud without correct configuration (and even then they're nothing to write home about) and also the stock fans suck assssss.


I don't have any experience with open loops but they can be silent and very high performing, but add tremendous cost and if you're not really into it, it's going to more of a hassle than a hobby. SLI is just a bad idea. Limited support and not cost effective (regardless of budget).

If you don't need the extra horsepower for higher res/frame rate then just stick with the one card and if you do eventually then there might be some killer cards from both the green and red teams next year (but definitely keep an eye on AMD as their roadmap is lighting up).


Bit hard to make a PCPP list with hypothetical and not confirmed parts :P but you're looking in the ball park of:

- HEDT CPU, 16 cores, high clockspeed etc etc: $550-750

- Tower Cooler: $80-100

- Supporting motherboard: $250-350

- 32GB RAM: $250-300

- Fast M.2 Boot drive (maybe raid?) + another large storage M.2/SSD/HDD drive: $150-300

- Current GPU (no cost) or a new gen one: $550

- 650-850w decent PSU: $70-100

- Decent case for your needs: $100-150

-Total: $2000-2600 (No GPU: $1500-2050)


These are all very rough estimates but I'm just trying to help get ya in the ball park. :)

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