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  1. And I thought the RDR2 launch on PC was disastrous But hey, there is always room for worse i guess
  2. Just report back when anything still doesn't work then tomorrow Thats a good sign, looks like it. There a many pieces of software you can use, but the most popular is MSI Afterburner (and yes it does work with any gpu brand and manufacturer, not just msi). There you can set custom fan curves. Though from factory they should turn on as soon as it gets over a certain temperature, most times 60 °C. Yes, use one of the 4 Pins. Be aware, that if I remember correctly only one of the 2 should fit because of the keying of the plug. But as you already have one, just plug it in so you do
  3. To 1 and 2. measuring temp in bios is somewhat not relevant as the system is only in basic mode configured. Boot into windows and install all drivers and then see if the idle temps creep up over time and see if the second gpu fan under load spins up. Only in an OS with all the drivers installed all the power management systems and other stuff is properly working, bios is just the basic mode. Report back after that, dont worry, if something gets to hot it shuts itself off befor anything really takes damage. To 3. the conversion from gigabyte to megabyte and vice versa isn't plain fa
  4. As everyone else said, 5600x is probably enough. If you really want to spend it, 5800x but thats terrible value
  5. That's not true, the 5xxx gen cpus which are also listed are a good chunk faster than intels offerings... And even the third gens arent to bad compared if the price is right. Though @op, use case and budget would be appreciated as this dictates the rest
  6. And what is your budget? The best in terms of quality for sure is something like the shure sm7b but you need a lot of other stuff to make it work. But as @Radium_Angel lready suggested, the blue yetis are a good budget(ish) option
  7. I really would recommend going with higher res monitors. I was always "na 1080p is enough" but going to 1440p was such a game changer and would recommend it to everbody, especially because they arent as expensive anymore. And for the rest, the tomahawk is good, the cpu and gpu is up to you - the more you spend the better it gets. Thats a thing that you need to decide whether it is worth it for you.
  8. 2 or 3 are just the generations of the standard pcie. If you want to read more about it, just google pcie standard or something like that. The x16 or x8 gives you a number how many lanes the cpu uses to communicate with the gpu and together with the generation it multiplies to how much bandwidth is available
  9. Why not? As long as it has any form of pcie x16 slot which i will guess this board has..
  10. I mean thats the ultra lowest end... Dont expect more than using it for office. Or reduce every setting in minecraft, especially draw distance. And thats no fault of lenovo, every laptop with that chip will run as slow. Good luck next year, you need to pay attention when they anounce it somewhere next year, nobody knows when it will be
  11. Dell professional montiors (up series) is always a good budget-ish option, maybe take a look there
  12. You could be limitied because it uses only one core, to low of a resolution for the gpu to really have to do anything, bad optimization, game engine limitations,....
  13. If it fits it fits... I would be suprised if a switch tip screwdriver with included bits doesn't have Philips bits... Just look out for the + shaped bits and if it ain't too big its fine. only for the M.2 screw you will need a very small philips
  14. Normally a 3600 should be the same price and much better performance... Edit: for example here: https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=4_64_1969&item_id=138215 Though seems to be store pickup only
  15. Don't use it on clothes like sitting with it on the lap or having it directly on the bed, give it room to breathe, dont bang it everywhere, dont eat over it, dont flood it, use it with clean hands, all things you consider common sense, clean it regularly...
  16. @Fika @MkTonic @gabegotflame Pretty sure this is a laptop or a NUC... Dunno how you would do this and external gpu is wayyyyy to expensive if this laptop even has TB Dropping settings and resolutiom is the only thing left to do... Upgrading to ssd wont solve the problem, only make the rest of the system way snappier so it is recommended if you dont have one for your os, but for other reasons
  17. I highly doubt 350w if I'm pulling less than 270W under full load with a 3600 and 2060super... I guess it is more in the range of sub 225W And for that - the psu aint great, but probably will be fine If you want to go safe, get a better one but I doubt anything will happen
  18. I highly doubt you'll ever miss speed with those drives
  19. It's a solid cpu and a good upgrade in ipc Why the mobo upgrade though, what does he have now?