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A really weird (and major) issue with my GTX 970M graphics card

Hey all, 

I have a 2016 Razer Blade with a Nvidia 970M dedicated GPU. The card and CPU are in great condition and have been repasted twice with Arctic Silver 5.

Within the last week, however, I have been having a major issue with the card. Whenever I start up a game, within the first 5 mins of me playing it, the game will freeze and I will end up either having to close it or force shut down my computer (it depends on the game). What's weirder is when I do close the game, the GPU cannot be used anymore BUT it is still detected in device manager. However, when I try to load up a game, it doesn't detect it, and the same with any stress test.
I finally got AIDA64 to detect it after I restarted the PC, and when I started a stress test within 2 minutes the GPU just "turned off". AIDA64 crashed and when I re-opened the program it didn't detect the GPU. In device manager it shows up fine.

I haven't done anything to the PC within that week, and I even reset windows to no avail.
Has anyone seen this before?
I contacted support, and they were absolutely useless, telling me to reinstall my drivers BOTH times I called them (that was the first thing I did) so I was wondering if anyone had encountered anything similar.
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You'd start to think the card might not be seated properly, if it's an MXM card anyway. Either that or it is in fact on its way out.

PC Specs - AMD Ryzen 5 5600X MSI B550M Mortar 16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR4-3600 @ CL15 - RX5700XT 660p 1TBGB & 256GB 600p Fractal Define Mini C CM V550 - Pop!_OS 20.04


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