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Twin Core X9's - Name TBD

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3 hours ago, Voxels-Box said:

How fine of a grit did you wet sand down to?  When I was painting some case panels I did, I ended up sanding down to 3000 grit, and when I did the clear coat, it crinkled up like cellophane wrapping in some areas.  Did you use any isopropyl alcohol or mentholated spirits before clear coating?

I only went down to 1000 grit, I followed some vid from geforce garage on case painting.


The full steps I did were:
Rough sand with like 600 grit

Washed everything with hot water and dish soap (was literally in the bathtub for this)

Let everything dry for a few days

Wiped each piece down with a tac cloth, then did primer coat

Let it dry for a few days inside my house.

Wet sanded primer with warm soapy water and 1,000 grit paper on a soft sponge

Washed everything with hot water and dish soap (same as before), squeaky clean literally.

Let everything dry for a few days

Wiped each piece down with a tac cloth, then did base white coat one piece at a time. Two cloats about 10 minutes apart.

Let everything dry inside the house for a several days.

-(Everything looked good up to this point)-.

Wiped each piece down with tac cloth then did clear coat, two coats about 15 minutes apart.


Turned blotchy yellow. /shrug


Think I am going to abandon white and a gloss finish. Go for something dark and satin.

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17 minutes ago, Valermos said:


You definitely seem to have taken all the right steps. 

I dont know what paint you used, but was two coats sufficient?  I remember doing at least 3-4 coats, depending on the piece. (Im no paint expert btw)

I hope the repaint goes smoothly!

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5 hours ago, Christophe Corazza said:


Says the guy that decided to paint his case completely white  :P

Actually the case was already white lol

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