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  1. Yes, the bios is up to date. Released late September. I dont mind if the VRMs are the same, I upgraded because I needed Drgb headers and the second m.2 slot. Got a great deal on ebay as well.
  2. AMD 3700X Asus crosshair VI Hero Asus Crosshair VII Hero 16gb hyperX memory 2666mhz Corsair HX750i Stock Wraith Prism GTX 660 for testing I'm working on upgrading my system from a 1700x to a 3700x, and an asus crosshair vi hero to a vii hero. While I'm troubleshooting a memory incompatibility on the X470 crosshair, I tried to test the 3700X on my old motherboard to ensure that the CPU wasnt the issue. I've installed the stock wraith prism cooler and connected the fan cable to the CPU fan header, yet the fan will not spin more than a couple seconds at l
  3. My apologies, I misread. I had not checked the QVL, but had assumed that g.skill trident Z was a safe bet. I just checked, and the exact model number is not present.
  4. Thanks for your reply! Ill try that when Im home from work. I carefully inspected the CPU pins and socket prior to installing it. It went in with zero force and there were no signs that it was installed incorrectly. The memory (and all parts actually) were fresh out of their sealed original boxes, but we didnt have a chance to bench test any parts.
  5. I just helped a friend build a new high-end system, and we have yet to see any video output or bios screens. The system is as follows: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Gigabyte Aorus X570 Ultra G-Skill Trident Z 32gb 3600 Gigabyte Aorus Nvidia RTX 2080ti EVGA G3 1000 watt PSU Samsung 970 Evo 500gb (OS, first m.2 slot) Intel 660p 2tb NVME (second m.2 slot) Seagate 3tb Barracuda HDD Enermax Liqtech 360 AIO Phanteks Enthoo Pro M The OS is not yet installed, but it will be Windows 10 Pro 1903 64bit. Current BIOS is F4i The parts asse
  6. Ive confirmed the correct positions for all the special wires, and all the other voltages check out. I chopped off the A-24 side of the split wire and tidied up the area. The carbon side has a heatshrink bulge but oh well. Itll be hidden at least. I tested the open pins on the PSU side with a small scrap wire, and the two open spots read as 0V. I made a new wire to go from A-24 to B-15. It cleared the PSU tester!! I also checked the voltages of all five PCIE cables, and they all check out. It looks like everything is all green! Side note, I w
  7. Thanks again for all the help! I'll quintuple check the voltages, and trace back those special wires. My findings so far are positive. I think that perhaps the OG pinout was either mislabeled, or modified for some reason (maybe for a straighter pinout, which knows) But except for the 5V/ground issue, all the voltages seem to check out. I'm going to try changing A24 to a free ground, and try the tester again. I'm in a pickle though, because that split wire uses MDPC-X Carbon for the A21, and I'm 100% out of that color. Gonna have to get creative haha
  8. Yes, very strange. I also wondered what the purpose was for having a reverse split wire from the beginning, but now that I started making my own pinout with the stock cable and continuity mode, and Im realizing that my original source may have been incorrect. For example, my pinout orginally from evga's forums, says that A-24 goes to C-5 (with A-21), but the stock cable puts it as a single wire to B-17. Ive checked A-24 to A-19, and they all go to different places than my pinout. A-16 must be working, since thats how Im turning it on. Since both spots either side of it should be
  9. A24 Ahh makes sense. I used continuity mode to trace 8 on both cables, and and it seems to be in the correct spot on both cables. I marked down the exact voltages of the mobo side connector on the custom cable, and all thats wonky now is that A-24 is 5V instead of ground. The strange thing is that A-24 and A-21 are supposed to join and both terminate at C-5. Is that the expected voltage? Should I replace those wires, and move A-24 to a free ground on the PSU side?
  10. Much appreciated. Ive been using pins 16 and 17 with the paperclip trick. Is 8 the sense wire for 16? The tester failed the cable. Heres what the tester's displays shows.
  11. Thanks! Ive now tested against the stock cable. Pins A-5, A-8, A-9 are reading as 0V on stock, but 5V on the stock cables. I traced the custom cables, and it looks like I has A-5 and A-6's split ends go to the opposite targets on the PSU side. I fixed that, and now 5/6 are reading correctly on the custom cable. Now all thats left is 8 which is reading at 5V but should be ground. Should I relocate that pin on the PSU end to go into an open ground? ?(if theres an open one?)
  12. Yes, I have all the stock cables, and the PC works normally when using them. Ive used my PSU tester in all the combinations, and only the custom 24pin returns as an error. All GPU custom cables seem to clear the test. Ive used a multi meter to test all the voltages on the custom 24 pin's mobo side connector. It looks like I have several ground or sense cables returning as around 5V, instead of 0V. Attached is the comparison, with the bad wires marked with red and !!!!.
  13. Affirmative. It's most likely errors that I made in the final pinout process. The custom 2x 8pin CPU and main sata cables also work when the rest of the cables are stock.
  14. Hi guys, I've been working on a set of custom cables for a coworker, and we installed them last week, but there's no signs of life other than the red led on the motherboard. Hardware: AMD TR 1920X MSI x399 Carbon AC Corsair Vengeance RGB 32gb 1080ti sli EVGA Supernova 1200 P2 Custom MDPC-X cables made by me, using 16-18AWG wire I used a pinout found online, transferred it to a spreadsheet, then recreated it in 3D (OBJ and blend file here) to help visualize wire placement, and got the lengths as close as I could, but I must have some sort of fundam
  15. Project Apocrypha is entered in to the Builds gg 10K challenge! There is a full writeup of this build, as well as more pictures. If you enjoy the build, please consider voting on it on builds.gg! Im getting ready to remake the cables using MDPCX and my improved skills, do a full loop maintenance and maybe a couple more mods/upgrades in the next couple months, so stay tuned if that interests you!