Can't connect to wifi repeater's 192.168 address

I don't have a wifi adapter on my PC, i am using a powerline adapter to get internet to my desktop upstairs via a LAN port on my router downstairs with the wifi part in use for only my tablet and phone and now this extender. I set up the extender via WPS as i wasn't getting into the address to do anything and it connected fine to my router giving me internet (connected via my PC's LAN port)

*Edit* Spent all day trying to work this out and as soon as i post on here i eventually do get it sorted. What i had to do was go into LAN properties on my desktop and then manually set TCP/ipv4 address to for IP, for subnet and for defualt gateway whereby it let me connect to the extenders settings page but i loose internet on my desktop until i've set the TCP/ipv4 address back to manual but at least it works.

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