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Specific notification settings

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This may be hard to make but it would be easy and good to have the ability to set custom notification settings for the people you follow instead of everyone, example I would be able to get comment notifications on one person and the other person I would only receive status update notifications from


I'm just speaking from experience so what I say may not work 100%

Please try searching up the answer before you post here but I am always glad to help

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inb4 there's some hidden options that you can turn on to do this


me and kanna looked around for a bit and found nothing

Things I need help with: *new* Need help from "G-sync Compatible" monitor owner(s) / LF> specific Red/Blue Liquid




I hate Intel's pricing, Ryzen's weird quirks, Nvidia's pricing, and Radeon GPUs in general




Products I like:


Sony Xperia Z1 / Z2 / 10 ii, Asus Strix 970 / 1070, Samsung SSD, WD HDD, Corsair PSUs (AX, RM, CX(grey)), GeForce GPU, NZXT N450/S340, be quiet! Coolers, G.Skill Trident RAM, Logitech M525, Logitech G440, Razer Deathadder Elite


Products I hate:


Xperia Z3, XiaoMi 5c, Radeon GPUs, Razer Audio Products, any bloatwares


Companies I absolutely adore: (and hope it stays that way)


be quiet! - sent me AM4 mounting for my DRP3 even though it's way past the timeframe stated, no questions asked

Corsair - very good RMA experience, absolutely recommend


Companies I hate:


Nvidia, Intel, Apple, TMT (Thundermatch, a retailer)


Personal Blacklisted Companies:


Acer monitors, Gigabyte, Seagate HDD, Kingston SSD, Razer (except their mouse), XiaoMi Phones


Remember, just because I had good/bad experiences with these companies/product, doesn't mean you will have similar experiences too. I would still recommend these products if they made sense for your needs, but I'll add a disclaimer of my experience if it's relevant. Feel free to DM me asking why they are where they are.



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Because of the way the forum software handles follows, it isn't currently possible to decouple following for status updates from following for other content, beyond having separate global settings for it.Trying to disentangle that would require changes in quite a few places, some of which aren't very amenable to overriding. If there are lots of people who would want to do this, I think it should be possible, but without lots of people being interested it's not going to be worth the investment by me.


I will suggest this to IPS, but they don't even seem to read the suggestion topics these days so I wouldn't hold your breath.


As a workaround, you can create an activity feed that shows content by specific members - https://linustechtips.com/main/discover/?do=create.

HTTP/2 203

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