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  1. Yeah, any topic, but are there any topics that you've replied to (specifically when viewing a page that has your post on) where it doesn't happen? I suspect this is related (via an iOS browser bug I guess) to loading embeds, such as the one in your signature.
  2. I've reported this to IPS, though it'll probably take a while to be fixed.
  3. Is it only when opening in a new tab, or just that triggers it more often? And does it happen in every topic that you've replied to (and more)?
  4. colonel_mortis

    so now that you can unsub from a status update,…

    You can create distinct activity streams, and you can customise the members whose content shows in each feed. Politics is still not allowed at the moment though, not being able to unfollow them was not the main issue. We will continue to reevaluate, but for now nothing has changed.
  5. I've taken a note of this to look into at some point, although it's not a super easy thing to change because the reaction component is out of my control.
  6. colonel_mortis

    Just testing something, please reply if you wan…

    Looks like this is not particularly easy to fix, but I've opened an issue and will look into it again at some point in future.
  7. colonel_mortis

    The new look seems more mobile-friendly. But I…

    Is that not better than having to click "load more replies" loads of times to get back to the start of the replies? I can look into showing the sidebar on status updates too, I think it's possible but I don't know what it will involve.
  8. This should be fixed in the next status updates update.
  9. Yeah it's the same for all media (images, videos, embeds) in status updates themselves (but not status replies).
  10. I think this is the same root cause as Which should be fixed here in the next update, probably within a few days.
  11. All three of those should be fixed in the next update - looks like we were missing one line to enable the lightbox.
  12. colonel_mortis

    Yeah no, I am not a fan of the new way status u…

    That was one of the things that people had complained about before - on mobile, all the other profile stuff really got in the way. Most status updates don't relate to the specs on a member's profile anyway though, no? You can customize the all status updates page, and save it as your own stream - https://linustechtips.com/discover/58/?&stream_follow=followed&stream_followed_types[members]=1
  13. colonel_mortis

    Just testing something, please reply if you wan…

    Now that notifications get grouped together and you can unfollow, hopefully it won't have to come to that.
  14. This was a deliberate decision because the old UX was pretty terrible on statuses with more than a few replies, and I suspect that it's something that you will get used to pretty quickly.
  15. It should have applied with the status update changes today actually, but unfortunately you might need to clear your cookies (or if your browser lets you be granular, just local storage for LTT) for it to take effect. Why would that be useful? To avoid temptation to look at it? Surely there are reasons when you'd legitimately want to see the post though?
  16. Basically, computing the correct size of images before they've loaded, to be able to figure out the show more button, and making that solution work on all screen sizes, is hard, and the IPS solution doesn't work properly. The only thing I can do for now is turn it off entirely, but I'm not sure if it's worth doing that.
  17. colonel_mortis

    Just testing something, please reply if you wan…

    "Good" news: it seems that this comment did trigger the bug I was looking for, so it seems that it does exist. Actually, maybe not, I'm not sure any more
  18. I don't think making it entirely bidirectional would work, because then the member who was ignored has no choice in whether they can see the ignorer's posts. I'm not sure how I feel about making that information available to the ignoree anyway - that feels like it could end up increasing tensions and disagreements, and generally making people less cooperative. I do see the benefit of not having them reply to you, but would it help if instead you just didn't get notified about having been quoted if it was by someone you ignored?
  19. colonel_mortis

    Yeah no, I am not a fan of the new way status u…

    What about them don't you like (same question to @ProjectBox153 for agree reacting)?
  20. colonel_mortis

    Just testing something, please reply if you wan…

    The bug I was seeing if I could reproduce has not reappeared, thanks all for the help (and, erm, interesting pictures)
  21. I think this particular issue (notifications for status updates posted by people who you follow) should now be fixed, although I think there may be unrelated bugs for other types of status update notifications - please do let me know if you run into those. (I have seen a case that I can't explain where I didn't get notified about a reply to a status I was following, and in the beta there was a couple of reports of issues when posting on someone's profile.)
  22. Just testing something, please reply if you want to help

    Edited by colonel_mortis
    What I typed didn't make sense

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    2. paddy-stone


      13 hours ago, WereCatf said:

      I wonder how long we can keep this going before mortis gets tired of the spam and takes out the Banhammer(TM)

      Banhammer? or banana hammock?

    3. WereCatf


      2 minutes ago, paddy-stone said:

      Banhammer? or banana hammock?

      I do NOT want to see @colonel_mortiswhipping out a bananahammock.


    4. colonel_mortis


      1 hour ago, Moonzy said:

      using the reply box without opening the dialog to reply to this SU will transfer me to the dedicated page for this SU

      perhaps because there's 2 pages?

      Looks like this is not particularly easy to fix, but I've opened an issue and will look into it again at some point in future.

  23. It's not a technology problem, it's just that compilers remove information. There may be advances in decompilers that produce more likely code, but you will never be able to take Windows (or something considerably less complex) and get the original code, or in all likelihood anything resembling the original code, back. If you take these C programs: int addOne(int input) { return input + 1; } int getValue() { return addOne(5); } int getValue() { return 5 + 1; } int getValue() { return 6; } Most compilers set to any level of optimization will
  24. For the average internet user, benchmarks do show that is fastest, but it will depend on your individual circumstances. The times involved there are significantly less than the duration of a blink (a blink is 100ms+), so there is no point agonising about which is going to shave off a couple of ms though. I would recommend trying Cloudflare's (, and if that doesn't work for you for whatever reason (for example if it's impacted by the same issue that caused LTT not to work) then you can try switching to Google's ( or another alternative instead.