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I have originally posted this question, but the title seemed to ve misleading.a lot of people.

So I am currently looking for a new pc case to upgrade to.
I would really like to have a lot of expandability and some spare room in the cases, so I would like to get the largest case possible, that has a modern look.
Upon research, I found that the Corsair 1000d and the Thermaltake View 91 were the two cases that seemed to fit my purposes.
I tried to compare the sizes of the two cases, but quickly found out that I couldn't do so accurately due to the presence of case feet on View 91 that is lacking on the 1000d.
Obviously, the dimensions of the feet should not be counted towards the size of the chassis, but this is not the case foe the given dimensions on the Thermaltake site.
If anyone happens to have the View 91 chassis, could they please measure and post the dimensions of the case excluding the feet?

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*** Thread locked ***


You can change title of previous thread. We don't allow multiposting of any form. Hence lock on this, and merging quadruple posting in the other.


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