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just beat the mass effect series for the first time, time to replay?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

just beat it, imported save game into every new game.


i know that due to tons of choices there are a billion tiny ways the ending of the game could be different, so im asking


is it worth it to replay the whole trilogy again?


i loved the games, but to me it feels done and done. no need to replay it, even if i really really wanna see the other 2 endings, through my own gameplay, not just on youtube.


so im asking anyone whos ever played ME, did you guys go back and replay just for the sake of it?

stuff is cool. stuff that has fancy lighting is cooler. stuff that has fancy lighting and works is the coolest.


i game so i know a bit abt gaming tech, not much abt professional tech.


writing this as i finish a 3 hour D2 sesh so excuse anything wrong.

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Hey there. Yep. I've clocked hundreds/thousands(?) of hours into the ME series. Played it through with both Male Shep and Fem Shep. Sometimes played it through for "canonicity", other times for "what feels right," and still other times for "it's been a while, let's play it through again."


Always gone the Paragon/"Best" Ending route, though. If you aren't a stickler for the rules/good endings like I am, it might be worth playing through with a Renegade character. Other reasons to play through it again:

  • 100% the collectibles (especially in ME1), side quests, and/or items (for ME3).
  • Bring different characters with you on missions just to hear different party banter (more noticeable in ME2/ME3).
  • Romance different characters.
  • Recruit different characters (i.e. Samara vs. Morinth).


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I could never get my copy of 3 to work.  Bought it on a non steam site because steam wouldn’t carry it and could never get their site to work right.  Probably better now but I’ve forgotten my login stuff.

Life is like a bowl of chocolates: there are all these little crinkly paper cups everywhere.

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I played them when they first came out and I redid them just before Andromeda came out adding high res textures, ENB/Reshade and played them at 4k. 


The only way I would play them again is if they were converted to VR.

I loved playing Skyrim and Fallout 4 in VR and would buy any classic 3D game that was converted to VR.

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I'm in the midst of playing the first ME. Gotta admit, dope sci-fi.


But if anyone could tell me..., where the fuck is my Dead Space 4?

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I own the collectors editions, I've played 1-3 countless times and enjoyed every moment but it is a LONG process so if you're not sure I'd just wait abit and maybe come back to them once it's not fresh in your mind.

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