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    Family, Games, Movies, Comic Books, Dragon Ball.

    My rig's on sub-thread - "Show of your rig" - page 406.

    Best 5 movies of all time:

    Aliens 2
    Terminator 2
    The Thing (Carpenter's 1982)
    Evil Dead 2

    Best Games of all time: (One per franchise)

    Resident Evil 2
    Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Half Life
    Unreal Tournament 1999
    Age of Empires 2
    Baldur's Gate 2
    Fallout 2
    Warcraft 3
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    Stalking your mom.


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    I5 3470
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    Gigabyte H61M-S2PV
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    8GB DDR3 1333
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    INNO GTX780 3GB
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    Samsung SSD192 + WD Blue 500 + WD Caviar 1TB
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    ModXstream OCZ 600W Modular
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    32" Sony Bravia TV

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  1. How is your R9 280X performing in nowaday games?
  2. I just got her to the point of special abilities. I'm using Staff of Ram +4 Proficiencies: ++ scimitar/wakizashi/ninjato ++ staff + fightig with sword and shield. Was thinking about: Shield of Blades + Globe of blades/Aura of flamming death Whirlwind + Greaterwhirlwind Storm of Vengence + critical strike Besides this, i aquired Belm scimitar and it gives 1/2 more attacks. Everyone who played the game already, help me out. How do you see it.
  3. Yes, of course, i should've specifie i meant BOTH. PC parts, and consoles. I know plenty of people that can't affort/build a good "next gen" PC so they wanna buy console. I don't want to build a half baked, half assed PC so i thought i'll get a ps5. Well, jokes on me cause the thing is mia. EDIT: As far as farming goes, i mean, it's not bad in it self, but leave some of the tech for us, gamers damn it.
  4. Hi. I never read much about this subject. Only thing i know is, it's the 3rd or 4th crypto crap boom and up until know it was affecting a fair share of gpu's. Now it seems everything is gone from the shelfs. Talking about higher tier gpu's, cpu's, heck even memory is higher than usual. I can't even buy a ps5 anymore because the fucking thing is gone. A console, a toy is gone. I remember standing in (not so long) lines for ps2, ps3, ps4 and there was plenty of them. I know it's a supply and demand thing but can somebody write a diagram with straws or crayons and tell me wh
  5. In the midst of Baldur's Gate 2 EE and then either Kao the kangaroo or Silent Hill 4
  6. Hi. I'm wondering, because my pc i severly underpowered now. My 3470, 8GB 1333 and a GTX780 just can't handle games anymore. Doom Eternal, Valhalla, Warzone even on minimum settings 1080p won't run efficiently. I got this 27inch 1366x768 monitor laying around at my sisters house. Quite a trip so i was wondering is it worth it. I did tried some resoultion scalers in few games but on my 32 inch tv it didn't looked good and performance was a lil funky. Would it help if i had a native sub-hd monitor? Unfortunately an upgrade is out of reach, i got a foot up my ass before
  7. Hi, So i have a ps4 with my Polish registered account. My friend has British registered account with a PS now. If we put his acc on my console, will i be able to play the ps now games that he downloads?? The service is not available in Poland. Regards
  8. Definitely shouldn't be overlooked. I made a post a while ago on a similar note. More and more we're getting to the point where mid to high tier phones are capable of delivering AA or AAA quality games. You can contact people, browse internet, order stuff, watch movies, do banking, record videos, play games and fit everything in the pocket. Just recently i seen a video about some random dudes in Africa making some chessy sci-fi videos on a damn phone. They doin it, and that's what's important. Now with the addition of DEX and hopefully alternatives from other brands you will have a more than c
  9. What i need is something like Ipega 9083s, just with a wider telescope so it can fit 6.8 inch phone and still be able to play in portrait mode.
  10. How was your experience and what other vr games would you recommend? Paid or not.
  11. I'm pretty sure somebody, somewhere, asked this question. Even thou i only seen the most powerfull phones only on youtube videos it got me thinking. My current phone can run almost all the retro systems, and pretty demanding native-android games. These highest tier smartphones on the other hand can push balls to the wall graphics. I have a feeling that the gap is closing really fast. I'm pretty sure the biggest gripe is the controler scheme, which is really inconvenient. What are your thoughts on the subject?
  12. I just recently stumbled upon this deX thingy and it looks pretty cool and useful.
  13. I took a look at it on youtube, looks good but it seems you can't really use it in portrait mode. On the other hand, i found this Ipega 9087s (red knight?) and this is exactly what i'm looking for. The PROBLEM is, it doesn't fit nothing above 6,5". My luck...