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Motherboard standoff screws

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Hi, I completed my build 5 days ago (r7 3800x, aorus x570 elite, 32gb vengeance, rtx 2060s, Corsair rmx750) all in an NZXT h510.


This is the second board that has been installed into this case, the first being a DOA Asus prime x570-p.


As a result of this, the middle screw of the bottom row of standoffs has been threaded. I can no longer tighten or untighten the screw. 


Bearing in in mind that 7/8 screws are securely fastened, is this an urgent issue. Should I remove the screw and replace the standoff (if necessary) or just leave it as is? The screw isn’t as tight as it could be, although the mobo is secure




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The board doesn't need to be screwed with ALL screws.

Just make sure the bottom of the board won't flex so much as to touch the case with metal contacts on the back of the circuit board. Leave the standoff in the hole or put a bit of folded paper there for example.

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