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  1. Check on eBay, you can find replacement keys for most laptops there.
  2. What happens when the car in front of you kicks up a rock and sends a crack across the windshield? Pay thousands of dollars each time it happens? Like said above, no thanks. If you really want information shown on the windshield, a HUD is currently a much better option.
  3. I had one package from UPS arrive a day late this past week due to bad weather, but another one arrived on time. Over all though my experiences have pretty much aligned with the ones mentioned above: UPS: I can't remember a single time I had a problem with them USPS: Every once in a while they will deliver my package to the wrong address. It's not entirely their fault, there's a house about 3 blocks away from me that has the same house number, and the street name starts with the same letter and is about the same length. My regular postal guy is pretty good about it, the
  4. This has been brought up before and answered by Jono from their team in this thread: Basically yes, it is official and Anker has permission to use the LTT logo.
  5. Increase in temps increases performance? Man I've been going about this all wrong! Definitely agree with this, that's basically the only reason the cables are somewhat managed in my system
  6. Why not enable DNS over HTTPS (DoH) if that is your goal? It is free (as apposed to most VPNs being advertised on YouTube), and most web browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Brave allow you to enable DoH, which as far as I can tell would achieve the same thing for your use case. If I misunderstand how DoH works, feel free to correct me.
  7. There's nothing wrong with coming up with new ideas but if you want the ideas to get any further than just a thought or fantasy, you have to be able to take criticism and actually address the problems that come along with the idea. Another thing to think about is considering "should we" do something before "can we" do something. Just because something is possible to do, doesn't mean it is a good idea. This idea has been brought up countless times over the last couple decades and is by no means a new idea. If it was as good a solution as you seem to think it is, it would have been done already.
  8. Intel sockets last for at least 2 generations, not exactly "practically every generation" like you said. Also a big thing to consider is people that start with a lower CPU like an i3, then later upgrade to a better chip like an i5 or i7. That alone refutes your claim that "Intel no longer offer socketed solutions worth while".
  9. TLDR: Is there somewhere I can buy the Rosewill front panel board that houses power buttons and USB 3.0 ports? Long version: I have a Rosewill L4500 rack mount case and it does what I need it to do for the most part. One of the things I don't like about it is the front USB ports are only 2.0. I looked at some of the newer rack mount cases from Rosewill and noticed that they have USB 3.0, and the front panel that houses the USB ports and power buttons looks very similar to the one on my case. Pics below within spoilers: As you can see the panels look
  10. We need more info to suggest a switch. What speed do you need? 1G, 10G, 40G, etc. How many ports do you need? Do you need just RJ45 or SFP/SFP+? Managed or unmanaged? Budget?
  11. They are a media/tech company, not a law firm. Why does it matter what an employee wears if they are getting their work done?
  12. Even if you consider those apps bloat ware, at least you can uninstall them. I had a few Verizon android phones in the past that came with a butt load of bloat ware I would never use like an NFL app, and there’s no way to uninstall them. The best you could do is disable some apps in settings, but that doesn’t remove the app from the phone. So while not a phone manufacturer my answer for most egregious bloat ware, from my limited experience at least, would be android Verizon phones. Edit: And I had that experience with Verizon phones from multiple different phone manufacturers, which
  13. To add to @Eigenvektor's list of questions you should be asking: Is the speed constant or do you get throttled after a certain amount of data used? What other ISP options are available in your area? There are sites where you can enter your address and it will show what options you have.
  14. That's what I was thinking, but for some reason I thought I remembered reseating the CPU being a fairly common troubleshooting step for Ryzen problems. Guess I was just thinking of Threadripper then.
  15. Doesn't Ryzen have a problem where the CPU will not always make proper contact and needs a reseat? Or is that just for threadripper? If it's the former, that could explain the high rate of "DOA" since the CPUs might have worked if they were reseated. If it's the latter, well ignore what I said. In the tweet directly below that one he said, "It's far more likely most of those CPUs were okay and just needed to be re-seated or they haven't been doing enough BIOS cross testing. For example there can be issues with certain RAM/ MB & CPU combos." Not really sure why he