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  1. What parts did you touch/work with while doing the maintenance? The scratch doesn't look like it broke any of the traces so the problem could be somewhere else. Make sure everything you disconnected got reconnected.
  2. Those were my thoughts on it as well, I'm definitely not doing any banking or anything sensitive on it regardless since the OS is outdated. You think it would be fine to use something like Spotify though?
  3. In my search of what to do with my old iPad 2 running iOS 9.3.5, I was about ready to use it as a digital picture frame and just display a photo slideshow on it, since I couldn't find any useful apps that are compatible with iOS 9.3.5. However I just found out that you can download older versions of some apps, as long as they are in your purchase history. I tried with a handful of apps and got mixed results, Spotify seems to work fine, Youtube won't load anything, Chrome seems to be working. So my question is, are there any downsides to downloading older versions of apps, where otherwise the a
  4. I’ll agree that driving schools and the process of getting a driving license in general can be improved in many ways, but the licenses are definitely not useless. What would you propose instead, just letting anyone who feels like it drive? And you thought people suck at driving now… As someone who lives in the US in my opinion getting a license should be more difficult than it currently is.
  5. Why not add the data to Excel or Numbers? You could do more with the data like graph it, not sure how fancy you could get with Notes but might be worth looking into.
  6. The way my program was setup before the pandemic was the best in my opinion. Our classes were hybrid where the classes were live streamed and recorded. You could choose to either physically come to class, watch the live stream, or watch the recording later on when you had time. It allowed people that worked during normal class hours to still take the courses. It obviously won’t work for all classes, but if possible I think the hybrid approach is the best way to do it.
  7. I have no idea why the tweet wasn’t listed as a source or linked to at all, considering that is the original source for the other articles: Which could answer the question how in the world the database has 3.8 billion phone numbers when there are nowhere near that amount of users: the database includes the phone numbers of synced contact lists. Even given that, 3.8 billion still seems like a very inflated number to me and that’s assuming the leak is even real, since as @Spotty mentioned these appear to be only numbers with no other info attached, so they could be randomly gene
  8. I was asked to make a slideshow for a major family event (being the tech guy in the family is just so much fun, isn’t it). I gathered photos, scanned older photos that had not yet been scanned, photoshopped the defects on them like rips, ended up having a couple hundred photos. Put them into a slideshow, chose out non-distracting transitions and background music. Put it into a format that would automatically loop the slideshow when it finished. Spent a total of a few days on it, but ended up with something I was satisfied with given a time constraint. Everything went fine, I made sure everythi
  9. I have so many questions… What the hell is on the windshield wipers? Why is the WRX on the spoiler crooked? Why is it sticking out like a centimeter? But most of all… who thought all that made the car look better? The back window louvers or specifically the rear side ones? They can look good on some cars, but not this implementation on this car.
  10. I think people use RMA to differentiate from a regular return. Seems like when most people say return, they mean to return the product no questions asked (as long as the product is in the original condition and not damaged by the user) within the 30 day period or whatever the return period is. RMA is then used when making a warranty claim when the product is defective. I’m not saying that’s correct, but you are correct that RMA does not replace return, since most people use each term to mean different things.
  11. What command are you trying to run? Do you have a link to instructions you are following? You might have just forgotten to add a dash or a space somewhere in the command.
  12. What’s your budget? You gave a minimum of $30 but not a maximum or a preferred price. Off the top of my head there’s the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 or the MX Master 3, both come with a dongle but also have Bluetooth.
  13. While Steam and PSN being down were more noticeable for this audience, looks like that was a relatively minor problem since other sites like Ally (the online bank), Fidelity, airlines Delta, Southwest, and British Airways were having problems as well. Looks like Akamai, one of the largest CDNs, was having issues. When multiple sites that are completely unrelated are having issues, it’s often a major CDN having problems. Source: https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/22/22588837/internet-outage-psn-steam-banks-trading-gaming-more-911-systems
  14. What would you consider a motherboard? For me the “main” board that houses the CPU, memory, and other critical components in a desktop computer or server is a motherboard, while in laptops, phones, and basically all other devices it’s a logic board. Also as FakeKGB pointed out Apple calls the boards in their devices logic boards, so that is technically the correct term for those devices.
  15. That’s not what 4K means though, 4K refers to a display resolution of roughly 4000 pixels horizontally. It has nothing to do with having 4x the pixels as 1080p. There is no such thing as 2K or 1K, 4K shouldn’t really exist either but marketers decided that 4K was easier for consumers to understand than 2160p.