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Opinions on Huawei Matebook 13 AMD

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey everyone!


I'm fortunate enough that the taxman is currently processing a £600 tax rebate (which was a pleasant surprise to say the least) and I'm tempted to put it towards a new laptop.

I don't need a great deal or horsepower, as I'm planning on building a new workstation to coincide with the release of Zen 3 towards the end of the year. The laptop would be mainly use for coding when I am away from home or the office and any heavily lifting done remotely by those machines. Despite it in no way being my primary device, I would rather spend a little extra for build-quality.


I know AMD 4000-series mobile chips are right around the corner (which probably explains the discount) but Huawei currently have £120 off on the base model of the Matebook 13:


- Ryzen 5 3500U

- 8GB DDR4

- 256GB NVMe SSD

* The build quality I am after


This brings the cost down to £580 (nicely coinciding with my rebate) and includes a pair of knock-off airpods.


I'm not massively worried about any privacy concerns due to it being a Huawei device and will be throwing Linux on it as soon as it arrives. My main concern is whether I'll wish I had waited for a 4000-series CPU and am just curious as to what your thoughts are.


Hope you are all staying safe!

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Ryzen 4000 is already out on laptops

I am far from an expert in this so please correct me if I’m wrong.

Quote or tag me so I can see your response


PSU Tier List

Motherboard Tier List


Mentioned in 7/10/20 WAN Show

Mentioned in 7/15/20 Techlinked

Mentioned in 7/17/20 Techlinked

Mentioned in 7/31/20 WAN Show

Mentioned in 7/31/20 Techlinked

Mentioned in 8/3/20 Techlinked

Mentioned twice in 8/5/20 Techlinked

Mentioned twice in 8/7/20 Techlinked

Mentioned in 8/12/20 Techlinked

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Well, if you're programming, it can sometimes cause a relatively high RAM consumption based on your IDE and 8GB are the minimum recommendable nowadays for any sort of usage. The issue with the Huawei laptops is the fact that they've got fully soldered RAM, not even a single RAM slot like some other laptops do. So, while you could swap out the small SSD for a larger one, the RAM is fixed at 8GB, larger options not even being available for purchase. In terms of performance it should be sufficient, but the soldered RAM and the fact that it's just 8GB would keep me from buying it.

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