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Overclocking on VR vs SC GTX 980 Ti?

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Recently I purchased a GTX 980 Ti VR edition with a one year warranty for $80 as a part of EVGA's midweek madness sale for a cheap college build I'm doing. I feel like a got a good deal and I'm happy with the purchase, but one thing is bothering me. The base clock for the VR Edition 980 Ti is 1000 MHz and the boost clock is 1076 MHz, same as a reference GTX 980 Ti. The sale also had an EVGA SC Gaming GTX 980 Ti with a base clock of 1102 MHz base and 1190 MHz boost. Both of these use the reference design by Nvidia and the only difference with the VR edition is that it has a port in the front of the card as well. My question is did I just leave performance on the table for a feature I won't use, or will the two cards be able to overclock just as well because they use the same design, albeit one that's not ideal for overclocking anyway? 

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Most likely if they are both a reference design then they will probably over clock the same but even if you got the  sc ultra it would be a 2-3% performance gain nothing too significant

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The GPU die is the same so the performance difference with a slightly higher clock will be almost none. Like @TofuHaroto said only 2-3 %. Just be happy you got yourself a good deal!

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You can overclock the card manully if you want that extra juice. Don't go nuts on the memory though, iirc reference 980 Ti VRM is kinda shit. 

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1 - Get a water block 

2 - Put special bios on it( look on overclockers)

3 - oc to 1500mhz


Not all of them do this

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