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  1. $80, nice. I remember posting on here a few years back (on my old acc) to boast like a total asshole about finding a 980 Ti for under $400. I can still feel the excitement.
  2. Any chance you could explain the difference to me between an active and a "standard" adapter? I assume all of them would require external power, right (given that there is a digital->analog conversion occurring)?
  3. Damn, so I really am fucked. Guess I'll just have to live with... latency
  4. I guess if you really wanted to, you could get a bunch of other parts and make a rudimentary PC cluster/"supercomputer". I don't know much about em tho, and even ignoring the severe OS limitations, performance would probably suck compared to just selling the parts and upgrading your 1 system as a whole.
  5. Planning on hooking up an analog TV to a sort of gaming/home theater PC. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the age of DVI on GPUs is over. Just wondering if there's anything I've missed here, or if my 2 best options really are adapters and used cards :(
  6. Hadn't seen the master 3 before... beautiful thing it is. think I'll go for that. Thank you.
  7. is the mx master that bad for gaming? i do play some occasional BFV, Minecraft, and GTA V so I can't say I don't plan to game at all...
  8. Thanks for the recommendations! I am particularly interested in finding something wireless a with a really fresh, sophisticated looking aesthetic (to compliment my lack thereof), so I don't think any of these will be for me (unless I decide to just get a new MX Master ), but I appreciate it nonetheless ?
  9. I've used the same Logitech MX Master for a little under 3 years now, and its finally conked out. I was a bit of a dick to this mouse and accidentally dropped it many times, so that's a lesson learned. Can't turn the thing on anymore without it constantly sidescrolling which makes me feel very sad and very stupider. I'm sure the market has changed since I bought it tho, so I'd love to hear from y'all what the best replacement would be today. I see a lot of these black plastic "gaming mice" with some big colorful light inside that can't be set to white, but I'm personally not a fan of the aesth
  10. Thanks for this! Will any games take advantage of more than 8GB RAM yet? I've been completely out of the loop in PC building for over a year, so I haven't caught up with the whole Ryzen thing yet. I assume it just takes extra advantage of RAM speed and capacity, making RAM worth more to the build?
  11. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3jbqf8 Its only going to be used for gaming. It doesn't need upgradability, OC support, or anything like that. Just trying to come up with a fairly long lasting gaming build.
  12. Usually, one doesn't comment on posts over 1 day old... Fascinating.
  13. So about 6 months ago, I was really active on this forum, but I kinda stopped going here. I didn't remember this forum ever being so insanely flooded with posts, but it doesn't seem like the channel had any ridiculous sub boost to constitute this... Am I just insane?
  14. I appreciate the help, but I live in a family of people who only do things if there's something in it for them. I'd best start a new thread on bribery tips.
  15. My house is fairly big, as I live in a large family, and since the house is being renovated, there are piles of shit all over the place that I can't look through all of, especially if I'm not even sure anything's in there. I went on a trip to sweden one day, and came back the next to find that it was gone, and I've looked quite a bit, so I need to get a lead on where it might be.
  16. For electronics, import VAT stacked on top of retail price is rarely too much higher that what the price would be anyway in Europe, right? At least that's what I've noticed. In fact, I saw it a GTX 1080 that even with VAT, wasn't as highly priced as most 1080s straight from europe.
  17. So I use a Logitech MX Master, and recently I misplaced it somewhere in my house. I know it had a full charge, and was on, but it uses a receiver (rather than bluetooth), and there are no drivers of any sort. I figured, to figure out at least which floor I misplaced it on, I could walk around with my laptop, and if I got a signal from the mouse, it'd be nearby. Is there any way of seeing if the receiver is connected to a mouse? I'd appreciate any help here, or even unrelated help regarding finding the mouse, as I don't want to wait for my house to be remodeled before I find that mouse, and ERM
  18. My budget just got a LOT lower very quickly; could you check out my new post?
  19. What is the best currently available laptop for gaming under 700GBP on either Amazon.co.uk or ebay.co.uk? I'm even willing to buy used if you can provide links. And if possible, I'm looking for the GTX 1060M.
  20. hehehe you'll never notice this because you never go on the forums! True evil! sshhh

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  21. I think I'll try to go with the second one, but I'm still open to suggestions Thanks!