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  1. Hello. I have the same card, Really dont put a block on this one. Its very limited. No 2 bios and you only have 9% power on this one. Mine refuses to go over 2600mhz and just starts to show arctifacts , I was going to put a block also but I think I will wait fotr the 6900xt bios to work on 6800xt cards. Alphacool has a block for this card its around 125£
  2. Did you update bios, if not do it most of the times it helps.
  3. Hello, Did you open the card and clean? If you do it make sure the memory is well cooled and the pads are ok. If you have it on the vertical mount you can put a fan on the back of the card to get the hot air out.
  4. ´So if a vega 64 already melts connectors and kills psus this one will be even better at that.
  5. Dont forget you dont have a clean system. they use clean installs
  6. Wait did you try a diferent psu? If not try it. Also try 2 8 pin cables dont use just one.
  7. Really dont worry about it. Maybe sometimes, but games will pull more of gpus with raytrace and similares. Wait until DDR5 then upgrade. Only if you need more cores for work.
  8. Try the Auto undervolt option. Normally it does a good job
  9. If you play at 1440p or 4k dont worry about it really . Fps will still be good.
  10. There was a bug on the inicial cards not passing 1350mhz clock. Try changing the bios to something else if its not under warraty . If it is I think you need to send it to RMA.
  11. That navi needs a power mod bios . Max powah
  12. Get the rx590 is cheaper and has 8g vram. See the xfx fat version. Some games eat the 8g vram . Don't worry about the drivers they are good.
  13. Dont use anything over 3800 set flk speed to half of this. Ok now you can prob put cl16 at these speeds and will improve performance. Ryzen loves speed and low latency.