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  1. Any junk board will run the 1600, its a 65w cpu. But get something better so you can upgrade the cpu in the future.
  2. Dont use afterburner with amd cards with creates issues. Use more power tool or the amd software, Stock settings and start going lower on the voltage do this with heaven running on loop until you have a driver crash roll back just a bit of mv and it will be fine . The fans are temp sensentive you will still get same temps but at a lower W. Create a fan profile that will ramp the fans before the temp that you desire.
  3. 1 cable is for 150w . It can cause issues for some PSUs even really good and expensive ones. Use 2 if possible.
  4. ok lets go by steps because sometimes this brings issues. 1 - No ocs on bios just xmp or docp 2 - good psu 750w or more 3 - Use 2 8 pins from the psu not one cable 4 - Yes updated drivers (ddu bla bla) also chipset drivers if its a amd cpu ( this is really important) 5 - Stock driver settings only with freesinc on no limiters (for testing, dont turn on forced vsinc), if you want limiters on the fps turn on the fps limiter under gaming or use chill, I think chill is better dont use forced vsinc. 6 - background apps, turn off any rgb junk on windows start.
  5. 3900x is a bit of a hot cpu. it all depends on the background but even with a very good watercooling loop you can get 80c at a 100% load I run my 3900x on a waterloop with the EDC bug basicly EDC 1 and then scalar to 10x and max freq to 500mhz, I also have the clock gen to 101.5 and this brings the clocks on 6 cores to 4.7ghz+ Be aware this gets hot really hot.
  6. Its a 280x, keep the voltage under control, just dont mess with it and you will be fine. I always use Heaven running on the back gound and puting more clocks like 25mh at the time. if it halts for some reason just roll back 35mhz and it will be fine. Keep temperatures under control also, less then 80c will be ok
  7. Actually FSR can be activated with any gpu in game. You can actually test it out with the free demo of riftbreaker , give it a try. I have seen it working on any gpu that suports dx11
  8. Just go look at reviews and look at the best one on temps . The rest is relative. Its a 3090 will use loads of power and the fans will spin to keep it cooled . Also have a look at RMAs some brands are hell to work with.
  9. Did you try with no ocs? all stock? Also try this. download Heaven open and it will be in loop , if its with artifacts start lowering clocks with msi afterburner , start with the core then with memory. see if it solves something. You can also try to lower power target also and see if it improves something. ,
  10. RMA the card, also 750w is a bit on the low side, Use 2 cables from the PSU to the GPU. and try again.
  11. ok do this, take the card apart, Clean all of the card with contact cleaner, like loads use a tooth brush. Repaste etc, you can use MX4 Use 2 cables from the PSU. Go to GURU3d foruns and on the AMD side you have the latest drivers open to all cards. Good luck
  12. it is for what it offers if you look into a 90A and 14+1 vrm + 4*m.2s
  13. Just keep it a bit longer, with FSR on other games it will last a bit more time. Until the gpu crazy prices are gone. Just hold on.
  14. Just Get a B550 Unify, its on the top boards , cheap and good board.
  15. Best advice is dont do it. If you had a waterblock etc yes changing the bios and having 1,3v etc. Just enjoy the card as it is. I had a 480 with a altered bios and a waterblock 1500mhz on the core and 1.3v as limit , Just leave the card with the original bios and enjoy dont make something that will brick the card and then you cant even get one on the crazy market atm.