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Which is a better performing mid-range graphics card for architectural rendering?

i would go for a cheaper gpu, say 2060 or 5700 and invest a bit more in the cpu. a 3600 or a 3700 will have a much bigger impact on rendering than the gpu.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi i'm trying to build a new pc for my architectural 3D rendering and a little gaming. Im in my student level now so the budget is a little tight about 1000 dollars. Seeing the new amd blasting gpu's i was really egar to go for rx 5700 or rx 5700xt. But heard(could be rumor) that amd cards are'nt that good when it comes to rendering. So i had this other other option to go for 2060 super. As i m gonna run softwares like twinmotion, lumion,vray, revit and other CAD softwares. I still thinking of the rumor about amd gpu not being so good in renderings. 

P.s my current rig specs


Ryzen 3 3300x

Nvme m.240gb

Corsair vengeance 3200mhz 16gb ram

1tb 5600rpm hard drive

Gpu:     2060 6gb/rx 5700

        Or 2060 super 8gb/rx 5700xt


Power supply. As required.

Motherboard: b450m


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AMD cards are on par with nvidia on rendering depending on application. I would get the 5700 XT. 5700 XT is much better than 2060 super and it is almost as good as 2070 super

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Read this: 






 Partpicker (1).pdf


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AMD cards have more memory at the same price range so it would be a better choice in comparison.

Specs: Motherboard: Asus X470-PLUS TUF gaming (Yes I know it's poor but I wasn't informed) RAM: Corsair VENGEANCE® LPX DDR4 3200Mhz CL16-18-18-36 2x8GB

            CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X @ 4.2Ghz          Case: Antec P8     PSU: G.Storm GS850                        Cooler: Antec K240 with two Noctura Industrial PPC 3000 PWM

            Drives: Samsung 970 EVO plus 250GB, Micron 1100 2TB, Seagate ST4000DM000/1F2168 GPU: EVGA RTX 2080 ti Black edition @ 2Ghz


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Yup, 3300X is a great gaming CPU. 3700(X) would be much better for rendering imo.

... but I'm no expert

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2 minutes ago, Zunaid said:

How about r5 3500x ? Is it worth the rendering load? 

Available only in China. Not much better than 3300X.

3700(X) is 8c/16thread

3500X is 6c/6thread.

... but I'm no expert

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I'm with others for the cpu get something with at least 6 cores.,ideally 8 cores like the 3700x if possible. If 3700x is too expensive..then consider r5 3600 on a b450 tomahawk max motherboard...with 32gb of 3600mhz ddr4 ram.


For the graphics card, Nvidia has a MUCH wider spread of adoption and softwares in general have much better support for them...most support CUDA acceleration. Where as with AMD your stuck with just open CL which not all applications support and is quite finiky...if you use v-ray or softwares from Adobe and Autodesk (photoshop, studio max, revit etc.) DEFENETLY nvidia....Nvidia also support open CL...at the end of the day Nvidia graphics card is a much safer bet for a workstation....rtx 2060 super would be my choice for.price to performance.

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| Displays: Acer Predator XB270HU 1440p Gsync 144hz IPS Gaming monitor | Oculus Rift S


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Posted · Original PosterOP

right this is where my question is!! since most softwares use CUDA core then again rx 5700xt is much powerfull than 2060 super so does that difference really noticable?

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