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  1. wow Asrock boards this time around...LLC lvl 1 only too and already it's pushing it...dang. Could very likely just edit some stuff in the bios and make it run 4500mhz no problem tho i reckon...stock probably pulls way more than it needs.
  2. i would manually lower the voltages and test slowly until you find the sweet spot for the CPU... it's usually best to run 100mhz or 200mhz bellow the max clock your CPU could achieve but use much less voltages...that's what i,ve always done. For example my cpu COULD do 5.0ghz no problem but we're talking north of 1.32v and it gets quite hot for absolutely no worthy performance gains to speak of.
  3. with the next gen consoles just coming out...future mega next gen AAA titles havn't started to hit yet...hard to say. As for right now, for VR you want more for supersampling even my 1080ti is maxing out 11GB in a few instances and 3080 is almost twice the performance...so yeah i ain't planing on a 10GB for an upgrade personally...for 1440P games it's enough, but in 2 or 3 years it might come short in a few instances...no big deal. So i'd say: Great for 1440p, not quite engouh for future VR and not enough for future 4K but okay for now. (also VR ok for now in most instanc
  4. agree 100% especially with the new headsets that have come out/will come out soon and GPU that are about to be readily available...lots of em will be flying off the shelves (sort of speak)
  5. how much voltage is your CPU stuff reading in hardware info 64? can we get a screenshot of under full load for about a minute...? Make sure your CPU cooler is properly mounted and tight and makes good contact with your CPU.
  6. 4 sticks will perform exactly the same as 2 sticks on your platform...it's all about how much ram space. 2 sticks would be better than 4...lower power consumption, can upgrade to even more RAM later.. if you already have 2 sticks and need more RAM, get 2 other of the same ones you have.
  7. you can put the 4 sticks in and it will work, it will be in dual channel, twice... Lane 1 and 3 are one and 2 and 4 are the other lanes. Get memory that has the same specs as the other ones you're using to avoid potential issues.
  8. Iracing quality of content is all over the place...the tracks some are very nice and detailed and some are much cheaper...same for cars...it also use old graphics engine...very possible the videos you've seen have been tweaked and edited in some ways to make them look better? Cause honestly iracing really doesn't look that great...it does look decent and in VR tho it's one of the best because the performance and rendering sharpness is really up there. That said, your GPU is the weakest link by far.
  9. im having all kind of shit driver issues lately with my 1080ti mostly regarding using two screens and my rift S causing video crash (screen go black or brown and never come back PC still working behind find audio working and all...) so right now i'm going back to the LAST driver before they started supporting 2080ti...which fun fact is driver 399.24...and after that it's in the 400.something

    i want to see how this perform in Pcars 2 VR and Cyberpunk 2077 cause Pcars 2 is running poorly since the last few driver and stuff.

    Will do DDU in safe mode and new install as well


    EDIT: WELP driver 399 will not install with this version of windows...nvidia teamed with Microsoft 🤔


    EDIT 2: After reboot windows installed driver 432 on it's own while i'm downloading version 411 manually...the f@ck is that all about.



    EDIT 3: i give up...432 it is...i guess everything before 432 isn't supported with up to date win 10:



  10. what they did there with Ai and deep learning goes far beyond that and i hope you realize that...these compute cores allow for SO much more than that too... Nvidia basically made fast Ai compute possible. Do you know of the app called Reface? worth to check out (Deepfake) With that technology they will now be able to develop games faster and better than ever before (ray tracing does most of the lighting and shadow computes on the fly in future titles...couple years down the road3080 is still only Gen2)...and movies, with popular actors that are long gone or very old...etc.
  11. yeah if you don't already own the motherboard for this CPU don't spend a dime on it...AMD has faster CPU for less money now.
  12. so long as you have a graphics card because the FX6300 don't have onboard graphics, and at least 6 GB of RAM you're all set.
  13. windows 10 will run perfectly fine on that hardware, all the drivers for windows 7 are still compatible with windows 10. Newer hardware can have backward compatibility issues, the opposite is rarely the case. Proceed. You have FX-8350? 6300?
  14. Yeah but you have a 1070ti...he was asking about a 1060 which is a much weaker card...and he was asking about 3440x1440...
  15. 2060 can barely run cyberpunk at 1080p.60fps.medium settings so imho it's kinda ofalready outdated.and weak. New consoles are running out with better hardware when we start to see true next gen games come out for these consoles it's gonna be all over. Imho pretty bad timing to by a previous gen low end card right now.
  16. Ohh god no...I have a 1080ti with 2560x1440 monitor only and I have to turn off some stuff and use medium settings to reach 60fps... With this card and monitor you'll have a hard time reaching 30fps on low. But anyways the game is boring, the story makes no sense and the controls are bad...it's a cheap game with upgraded graphics.
  17. Well...sorry for my previous post i did not realized you already bought a 1440p gaming monitor...but that means you got my unbiased opinion about the whole thing it's quite possible that some of the settings for your monitor should be changed when playing the PS5 on it? i'm not an expert on that end tho, i only use my PC on mine because the sucker is so old now it used the gsync module and only has 1 display port and that's it... can't hook any HDMI stuff it in to test.
  18. i have, get the 1440p monitor in 27'' if its for your PC and get a 4K 60inch TV if it's for your living room...anyone saying otherwise isn't right. That said, personally this time around 3 or 4 years later since i bought my monitor, this time i would hunt down an ultrawide 3440x1440p Ultrawide support with games natively was poor back then and monitors were A LOT more expensive (i paid 900$CAD for my monitor and ultra wide equivalent but 100hz was 1699$) I use the 4K 28'' monitor that my office provided as a secondary display...it's 60hz and i tried gaming on it a
  19. something is wrong...i would re-install windows or scan for malware and stuff...cause i have the same CPU and no games make it struggle i've never seen it go past 70% in games and this cyber game is like a 60% tops...im always GPU bound...granted i only have a 1080ti but i'm running medium/high settings with 60 to 75FPS and the CPU is not an issue like...at all.
  20. Well...that was quick :)


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    2. i_build_nanosuits


      yeah honestly it's the first game where the 1080ti is lacking...red dead 2 runs quite well with the hardware unboxed settings you,re probably already using them? i hope you get your 3080 soon...before the 3080ti comes out 😛


      But can you imagine...those poor bastard who sold their 2080ti for 500US in the first few days of this...maybe some of them still don,t even have a card and they are super expensive too... OMG, at least you still have your card to play with and everything.


      im gonna still try to hold on longer, my 1080ti still does not need replacement, cause honestly the game still run and looks beautiful...i would like my GPU upgrade to come along a new VR headset upgrade but this too i feel should wait a bit longer for more effectiveness in my upgrade...like a big bang wow you know. A 3090 and a Steam Index VR headset would do that but it's too expensive for now...




    3. Morgan MLGman

      Morgan MLGman


      red dead 2 runs quite well with the hardware unboxed settings you,re probably already using them?

      I'm using those exact settings as well :) It doesn't run perfect, but it runs well and pretty much smooth with those.

      Even the best of Pascal starts showing its age, partly due to driver optimizations only for newer generations as I noticed the 1080Ti starts struggling in benchmarks of newer titles. When the 2070 Super launched, it was a bit slower than a 1080Ti, and is faster in most games now. Similar case is with the 5700XT.

      Let's hope I actually get the 3080 soon, it's ridiculous to wait three months for your order when you purchased the card at launch day, about 25 minutes after it went on sale.

      I suppose 1080Ti is still plenty for most people, I think it depends on the games you play ;)

    4. Letgomyleghoe


      Okay, so choosing being circumcised is an option, I thought that was a joke.

  21. Voted no upgrade this generation because 1080ti and 1440p and rift s = me happy