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  1. Thank you so much! It worked
  2. Jakubman625


    Hi! I wanted to ask that if it is possible to set something so that when I run a game or program on the 1st monitor and then click on the program on the 2nd monitor, it will not minimize the program on the 1st monitor. Thank you so much for your help and tips! Have a great day!
  3. Hi! I have a problem with HyperX Ngenuity program. It´s not showing me my Wireless headphones, i cant see how much battery i have because the program isnt showing my headset. At the first week of using the headset it was showing me the headset on the program but now it doesnt work Is there any way to fix this? Thank you for your help! Have a nice day!
  4. OMG Thank god it found the File and It looks like its not corrupted
  5. But the problem is that the SSD Has a Windows on it and im using it
  6. Hi! I have a question, is there any way that i can get my file from ssd that was formatted and windows was installed on it. I forgot to take some files from the ssd before formatting. Is there any way to recover it? Thank you for your help! Have a good day!
  7. So this is what i will do: 1. I will unplug my SSD With my main Files 2. I will plug HardDrive 3. I will Wipe data on it 4. I will install Windows 5. I will send you a message and i will wipe it again so i can use it as a drive for games and my stuff
  8. So if it doesnt try to boot the HardDrive, it will not affect my pc?
  9. OK I will try that this day and i will Send you a message about it
  10. I have a USB With Windows Installation on it i can format the harddrive but how can i do it? Im scared that the Virus on it will Harm my computer
  11. I sent a message but i forgot to click on quote so you didnt get notification.
  12. But the worst thing is that the virus corrupted the windows on it and i cant get my files and BIOS Had problems with the Virus that when it tried to boot into windows it flashed and it restarted even when i reinstalled windows it was doing the same thing
  13. I have a 1 TB Harddrive but there is Virus on it that can lock my BIOS and i dont want my BIOS To be locked. I wanted to use the drive for games and stuff as a upgrade to my PC But as i said there is a virus that i got from a email. Is there any way to erase the drive without harming my computer?
  14. I Updated BIOS a 2 months ago but i cant reinstall windows, this is my Main Computer and there is all my work, games
  15. Last Windows Update was 1 day ago, Last windows install was 1 and half a year, I dont remember when was this computer built