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Is my ISP screwing me?!? Please help NAT issues.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey friends I live in a rural part of New Mexico with very limited options for internet. Satellite internet or a local wireless internet service provider are my only options. Tried satellite and it was garbage. I get better speeds with this local wisp and better latency but it comes with major draw backs... Any way, I won't bore you with all the issues but I need help with a specific one. The way this wisp is set up I'm getting a double Nat and can't do any online gaming. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My networking knowledge is very limited. If there's any way to fix this I would be greatly appreciative. Help?!?!?


Network set up:

Netgear R7800 running dd-wrt this is connected to a ubiquiti POE adapter that then runs to what I believe is a ubiquiti nano beam on the roof this is wirelessly connected to my wisps equipment on another property. The ip of my routers wan port is a private address in the 192.168.x.x range Lan port is in the 10.x.x.x range. Help?!?!?

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Is there not an option for cable internet in your area? Both of those connections are signal based, both satellite and wireless internet services like those can be greatly affected by the environment. When you mean you can't play games do you mean the connection is too bad/laggy when you play or does it not let you join online servers/games at all?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Double Nat prevents any online multiplayer gaming. I wish I could get cable internet. I pay $135 for 3Mbps. I know... I know... that's not optimal for gaming but it still works and I can't get any better. I live in an internet black hole... I can't wait for Elon Musks satellite internet.

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You may very well be SOL. Many wireless/cellular wireless based ISPs use NAT64-CGN so they can have one IP host many customers at once. This level of NAT isn't something you can get around by yourself. You could explore UPnP or you could also explore making your own VPN, connecting to a server with more freedom to the Internet and run your games through there. Downside of that would be higher ping.

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