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  1. Double Nat prevents any online multiplayer gaming. I wish I could get cable internet. I pay $135 for 3Mbps. I know... I know... that's not optimal for gaming but it still works and I can't get any better. I live in an internet black hole... I can't wait for Elon Musks satellite internet.
  2. Hey friends I live in a rural part of New Mexico with very limited options for internet. Satellite internet or a local wireless internet service provider are my only options. Tried satellite and it was garbage. I get better speeds with this local wisp and better latency but it comes with major draw backs... Any way, I won't bore you with all the issues but I need help with a specific one. The way this wisp is set up I'm getting a double Nat and can't do any online gaming. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My networking knowledge is very limited. If there's any way to fix this I would be g
  3. Thanks for your response @Electronics Wizardy but what if I want to use the same drives? I agree a clean install would be good but how do I do that with the same drives? Is there any prep that needs to be done before booting on the new motherboard? Can I just boot from a Windows creation media on USB and go from there or do I have to do some kind of prep? I don't need Raid 0, honestly I think whoever set it up in the first place was a little foolish because from what I understand there's no real world advantage to raid 0 on SSD's.
  4. I just inherited a new desktop with 2 Samsung 2.5 inch SSD's in what I think is a RAID 0 configuration. I want to swap in a new motherboard because the old one is a proprietary dell board that's incompatible with modern GPU's... I have no experience with RAID and i'm unsure of what will happen if I just swap everything to the new motherboard...PLEASE HELP! Here's what I know: The drives are directly connected to the motherboard with SATA cables and there's no other hardware that would be managing RAID as far as I can tell. When viewing disk management disk 0 is marked as basic
  5. Just trying to upgrade an old work system and I've been given a shoe string budget
  6. Hey friends I have a Inspiron 560 with the G43T-DM1 775 motherboard and I'm looking for compatible CPU's. From the research I've done it appears the Core 2 Quad Q9650 should work but I'm worried I might be mistaken... Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! MB SPECS I could find, not possitive on its complete accuracy. Socket 775 architecture mATX form factor Intel G43 / ICH10 chipset Four (4) 240-pin DDR3 DIMM slots Supports up to 8 GB DDR3 dual channel memory (1066 MHz) The ECS G43T-DM1 is based on the Intel G43