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Big Oopsie now need help.

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Yea um... I just linused my PC and broke it. but this lets me get around to building that new build I've been planning. But I have a big problem. The only other computers have access to are the array of chromebooks I have for some reason. I am not an expert at installing windows, but I am wondering If I can install windows off of the Microsoft website, off of a chromebook, to a thumbdrive. Please help, I haven't properly game in like a day and a half.

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Well are those Chromebooks X86 based or ARM? Because for ARM you need a different version of windows and it basically is android with a better user interface.

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Yes it’s possible

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Thought you asked a different question

I am far from an expert in this so please correct me if I’m wrong.


Quote me, @zeusthemoose me, or like my post for me to get notified of your response

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