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  1. it would be an upgrade but the question is do you need an upgrade??
  2. google pixel 4a has a headphone jack and a good camera as well as ur other requirements
  3. here's the link from the USPTO with the trademark. I was wondering if Justia pulled the address from somewhere else but it looks like they did not. I feel like at this point there's no chance this isn't tied with MSI, I can't imagine the patent/trademark office accidentally letting some scammers register a trademark with a fake address pretending to be a different company lmao that link doesn't work oops, here's a screenshot of the page, but you can search for it with the serial number and find it on the .gov website
  4. yea we need to know what you're doing with the pc. (and specs could be helpful as well)
  5. I'm looking to get a old (like probably 500 series, maybe 700) GPU to tide me over until the 3070. I have a b550 motherboard and a 3600x. will the system even work if there isn't a UEFI compatible GPU? tried looking it up but everything was pretty outdated.
  6. yeah, i have a similar build and budget, and am waiting for the next gen cpus as well
  7. i wouldnt commit to the cpu yet, cause the next gen may be out by then. Other than that, it looks pretty good.
  8. yeah doubt thats repairable. prolly gotta get a new screen.
  9. do you have a GPU? also, id wait until the next generation releases soon to purchase anything
  10. i'd check out the youtube channel Julian Krause, i think hes a professional audio engineer and he has a bunch of really technical audio interface reviews