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PC automatically changed screen resolution

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Hello everyone! I recently got an AMD RX570 4GB(yay!) since my old GPU (an RX550) was seemingly malfunctioning and I'd had enough with troubleshooting it. The problem I'm describing was present when I used that card too. I'd be grateful if anyone could help.


The issue is that the my PC changed its screen resolution automatically from 1600x900 to 1920x1080 as I turned it on this evening. The monitor is a Dell 900p monitor and I'm using an HDMI to VGA adaptor / converter. When I turned it back to 900p from 1080p, the image / output seems less sharp and of lower quality, as if its being upscaled or processed in some way. And Windows shows my recommended resolution as 1280x1024 in display settings, which is puzzling because it always shows the native resolution of the monitor as recommended. When I had this issue before, it was fixed after a few restarts but I want to get to the root of the problem since this is a new GPU and I want to know if its some fault with it, or with Windows. 


Mobo drivers and GPU drivers are up to date. Processor is an FX 6300 and I'm on Win10 64-bit.


Thanks for your input guys!


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The unsharp effect is because you're using VGA. Even at 1280x1024 you can clearly see that VGA is kind of blurry compared to DVI/HMDI/DP.


As far as resolution is concerned, if the monitor is 900p, then the resolution should be set to 900p. If that doesn't look good, it's because of what I mentioned above. 


Edit: the converter you're using is probably also the reason for the weird native resolution that gets detected.

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I was about to say what output are using :P


CPU: 6700k @ 4.7GHz

MOBO: Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB Red LEDs

GPU: Zotac RTX 2080 Super (Mild OC - Still Testing)







GTX 970 SSC @ 1532 MHz  She finally died on me :(




Wife's Rig:

CPU: i7 4770

MOBO: Gigabyte Z97 HD3

RAM: 16GB G.Skill ARES @ 1866MHz

GPU: Gigabyte RX580 8GB

PSU: 750w Rosewill Hive

SSD: 128GB Adata Drive

HDD: 1TB Caviar WD Blue


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