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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    some board that works with the cpu
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    8 Gigs of DDR4 2666
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    R7 260X
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    500 GB crucial SSD
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    450 watt aerocool
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    some benq monitor
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    benq ps/2
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    benq ps/2
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    windows 10

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  1. Those are realistic numbers indeed but the reason I think the average is lower is because of the vast number of people playing on laptops and playing games that require very little power to run. In my group of friends everyone games, and everyone has a steam account, yet I'm one of the rare ones that uses a desktop computer. 250W may be a good average for members of this forum but for people in general on average I suspect you'd be looking at a lower number.
  2. Well.. yes actually. I never said I didn't feel the same about gaming. I don't like the idea of countless computers burning energy rendering frames either. Now I don't think we could or should ban cryto currencies or gaming for that matter, but I think we should definitely look into how we can reduce power consumption of these activities. One thing with gaming for example, is that GPUs are just getting higher and higher powered. Why do we allow that? Why not set a cap for graphics cards power consumption, just like is already done for other products (I can only buy <
  3. A bunch of people will come in to tell you that "it's not child labour because he enjoys it", which not the case. There are good reasons why young children are not allowed to work for money, and whether the kid likes the job or not is irrelevant. Just because it may work out for this kid, because he may be surrounded by nice people, because he'll earn money for college etc, doesn't mean this is good practice. This shouldn't happen.
  4. Just like leaving a light bulb on in an empty room all the time would only increase my power bill by only a few percent but is still utterly useless and therefore I have no excuse to leave the damned thing on all the time. I'm not even a gamer. (as in I don't think I game often enough to call myself one) I only buy a new GPU every 10 years or whatever. My R7 260x has been fine for years, and still is. I could use this thing for another 5 years without a problem. I don't care that GPUs are expensive because of mining. What bothers me is that crypto currencies use an awful lot of pow
  5. I'm no expert on crypto stuff, so I don't comment on it too much, but from what I know about it, I think cryptocurrencies shouldn't exist. I just hate the idea that people around the world are trying to reduce carbon emissions in all sorts of ways, sometimes even investing large sums of money, and then there's a bunch of people burning up a huge amount of power in these computers doing nothing useful at all, just to make what seems to me like a marginal amount of profit. Power that may as well be spent to do actual useful work. Imagine all that energy being used for scientific research for ins
  6. I know what it feels like to not be able to buy a computer. Then people come in with this sort of reply; At your age and with that budget, this sort of PC isn't even close to being within reach. The reality of it is that you just can't afford shiny new stuff, and saving up for something for many years is going to be an absolute pain. Not only is it just not worth the wait in the end, it's also useless to ask for any purchase advice now because in 2-3 years everything will be different. Instead, here's what I would do; get something affordable, low en
  7. The fact that power supplies/components use many thin gauge wires instead of just a few big ones. Seriously what's the bloody purpose of having 12 18 gauge or whatever wires that are all at 12V, if you can also just have 2 10AWG wires instead? Wouldn't it be so much cleaner to just have a pair of 10AWG wires running to your GPU instead of this ugly forest of 16 or 18 gauge crap? I've heard stuff like "using many thin wires is cheaper" but it isn't actually; the power capacity is determined by the total surface area, and having thinner wires just means you n
  8. Here's a thing; you mentioned he lost his home. That tells me his house burnt down. That would mean there's really nothing left of that computer right? This falls under the category of things I'd just put outside (perhaps covered up) or in the shed.
  9. Send this back: I have even worse news for you. I have recorded a video message to explain the situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34Ig3X59_qA
  10. What I know is that I've been using 2 pin audio equipment connected to my computer all the time without any issues. It shouldn't be an issue. However, that of course doesn't mean that's the case in all products. There's no way of knowing if your speaker has a problem or not without somehow probing around with a multimeter or opening it up. If you have a multimeter you can probe the 3.5mm plug to see what's going on.
  11. It depends on how good the converter is. I don't really think it's something you'd notice in practice though, audio outputs on computers tend to be ok.
  12. The thing with non-ionising radiation is, like with many other things, while no one has absolute 100% proof that it's harmless, there's also no direct reason to assume it's bad. In that sense it's pretty much impossible to prove something is 100% harmless. Another example; let's say you decide to paint the walls in your house yellow (because for some reason you really like yellow). But then I come in and tell you "looking at yellow walls causes long term damage to your brain". Try to prove me 100% wrong. See what's going on here? No actual reason to assume